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Input please

Input please

Hey guys, Ive been off the net for a while cause of other problems, but Ive been wondering whats going on. Seems that there have been a lot of changes and rules since ive been gone. Well I have a question, Ive done searches and been reading alot about the effect of prozac and other medications. Im pretty sure I have a problem but dont want to go to the doctor and whatever.

My problems are in no particular order, worring too much, depressed alot, cumming reallly fast, etc. Hell, my heart even beats fast and hard when I think about something Ive done or should have done, and sometimes dont like going places because of people looking at me. I try not to let it bother me but I cant stand it anymore and I want to do something about it.

I just started dating a georgous girl about a month ago and I worry all the time that I aint good enough for her in bed cause I cant go for long, I do the excersies but still doesnt help like i thought they would.

Ok question is what do you guys or gals recommend I try to take, prozac, zoloft,etc. I think I just need something for high anxiety. And can I get this stuff with out going to a doctor.

Thanks for any help

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Hey, I take Prozac for depression and anxiety and have had no side effects. I to have the problem about going out in public. I’m glad to hear that at least your dating I have no self confidence what so ever due to the fact that in my eye’s I have a very small member but I know it’s all in my head. On the subject of cumming quickly I use to have the problem of premature ejaculating but no more since I’ve been doing Kegels I can control it pretty good also there are creams that you can use to desensitizes your penis, you might want to give them a try.



you will need to see a Dr to: 1) get your thyroid checked out.

2) get a prozac prescription.

These drugs are commonly prescribed for GAD generalized anxiety disorder or social anxiety disorder, and premature ejaculation (however there are other treatments in non anxious patients).

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!


Are any of the SSRI’s more effective and with less side effects than others?

I currently take Celexa for stress (from work-where else). I started with Paxil-had the ED thing working with that, switched to Wellbutrin which worked well it seemed, with no sexual side effects except that it caused a reaction. (canker sores)

I find the Celexa is not as good as the others with the stress…..


cajun - wantabigger

Hey cajun thats weird I was put on paxil for social anxiety disorder and had the unfortunate side effect of gaining a lot of weight ( which I’m glad to say is gone now ) so after gaining the weight my doc put me on Prozac with which i’m glad to say now with no side effects.

And to wantabigger’s question yes you will definitely have to see a doctor about getting medicine for your problems, listen when I first started to get anxiety attacks from just being out in public, I could barley get out of my car and go into any place with out feeling that people were looking at me, so I thought it was so stupid that I had to go into a waiting room and sit with people who I thought were looking at me, then tell some guy my problems, but you have to realize that they have heard it all before, hell it’s there job too, and that all their there for is to help YOU. So if you have depression or you think you have sad a.k.a. social anxiety disorder don’t hesitate to seek some help.



How sure are you that it was the wellbutrin that caused the “canker sores”? if it was me and I had a glimmer of doubt about whether it was actually the culprit I think I’d give the wellbutrin a go again since it worked well before.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!


I had never experienced canker sores in my life until 4-5 days after starting the Wellbutrin. (None of the other meds changed-same dosage of glucophage, glyburide etc.)
The problem lasted for about 8 days, but seemed to clear up within 3 days of stopping the Wellbutrin.
I read on a message board regarding Wellbutrin that similar people experienced the same thing. (Yeah, I know-how scientific is that?)

N2H-didn’t have a weight problem with any of them so far.


Ok, if I do go see a doctor and he prescribes me something like prozac, how long would it take for me to see a difference. How long would it take for me to get to feeling better, and if it does help with cumming too quick, how long would it take to help that. Thanks

Its not a little pecker, Its an anal probe

Hard to tell, it’s pretty individual, but usually you will see positive effects during 2-6 weeks you’ve started taking that medicine. I think it can help with “cumming too quick” with some people. Talk to your doc. he’s the expert.

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I too suffer from anxiety. It’s a tough thing for me. I can not tell you what to do nor what will work for you but I can tell you what has helped me. Just as justification, I want to say not cured, just helped. I do things which help me feel better about myself. And isn’t that why we are all here. I go to the YMCA to work out. Exercise for me really helps with the stress. I often can not sleep good at night and when I exercise I do sleep so much better. When I don’t get enough sleep, I feel my anxiety even more. I have also pursued a lot of education which keeps me busy and builds up my self esteem. I have often wondered how many others feel that dreaded feeling of anxiety. Some times I am able to focus on another nice or interesting thought so I can ignore it. I know this is not a cure all and man do I wish it was, but perhaps another point of view will give you something to think about.



I have tried prozac off and on for ocd type symptoms. for its full antidepressant effects it takes 2-3 weeks, for helping with premature ejaculation. I can tell you that after 5 or 6 days on the drug I hve trouble cumming. anxiety effects are helped at about a week or two.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Hey bro, sorry to hear about your depression and anxiety issues. I have the same problems, and the fear of going in public especially. Feels like EVERYONE is staring me down, judging me, and everytime I hear someone speaking a Foeign language I think they’re talking about me, making fun of me. Bummer. Anyways, I used to see a shrink in High School over my ehem, bulimia and “performance enhancer” drugs I did for Varsity Wrestling. The shrink seemed to help, when I went to him. Heh, give it a shot and give the Meds a shot. Though on Prozac, I seen a commercial on TV from Attorneys stating Prozac has been recalled or some shit, check with your Dr. first. Later.

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