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Is it okay to combine Arginine and alcohol?

Is it okay to combine Arginine and alcohol?

Hello everybody, today I found some Arginine, I’m interested in it for an increase in blood flow to the penis, particularly to the head, but all around in general.

I’m curious as to if anyone knows or has had any experience in taking
Arginine on a daily basis, when alcohol is also consumed on a daily basis. By alcohol I mean between 1 and 3 beers over the course of a late afternoon up till bedtime.

Would the alcohol render the Arginine less absorbable, useless, changed into something else, etc., or would it have no effect?

Or is there a limit of alcohol:arginine? I did a search on here for it but didn’t seem to find anything. So if there is a thread already, I’m sorry and please direct me to it. :D

Thank you very much.

Not an expert here - but as a person in recovery, and having had some issues with boozing, I would personally suggest that alcohol be severly curtailed at any rate.

Habitual use (as you seem to indicate) may lead to other complications, and as alcohol is a systemic depressant, may be non-beneficial at all.

Personally, I would avoid - like the plague - alcohol, particularly when using supplements. It is not necessarily that there will be a negative interaction, but that the EtOH has its own baggage, and can burn up other nutrients (vitamins B (all kinds), C and D) vital to overall health.

Advocating abstinence? Well …


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Playing the other side of the coin here:

1-3 beers from afternoon to bedtime is really nothing to get too upset about. Sure, there are better things to be doing to yourself but - especially if its closer to 1 beer than 3 - this strikes me as something that would be considered normal if you were on another continent.

That said, I have yet to meet somone who drinks every day and actually stops at beer #3. Of course most all of them say they do.

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As for the real implications…
Arginine is somewhat of a blood thinner or vacillator if you will and if you are taking it properly, that is on an empty stomach and at the right dosages for your age then NO do not mix. If you take your supplements in the early morning and the want to go for a “social” beer or two late in the evening then I would still be concerned but not as much. As alcohol is a diuretic and mixing with the actions of the arginine can not only leave you feeling “drunker”, not able to properly gauge your fluid levels as well as the potential for overdoing anything physical since you have the added effects of oxygenating your muscle all the while pouring the alcohol into that very absorbing muscle tissue via the action of arginine. Take a hard look at the times of your supplementing and the times of your drinking and try to keep the two as far apart as possible.

While this is just my 2 cents worth here and I could be wrong on some points, be careful with your body chemistry!!

The ravings of a madman...

How about a couple Vodka Martinis, Shaken not Stirred of course.

Alcohol will diminish the positive effects of almost anything except Pink Floyd. :buttrock:

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I have noticed that since taking L-Arginine, that after either just a few beers, or a heavy night of drinking, the next day I feel like a bag of shit. Never really had this problem in the past before Arginine, sure i’d be a little sluggish the day after drinking, but nothing like this.

Since peanuts are a very good source of arginine, I would suspect that you have been combining arginine and alcohol for quite some time. :)

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Get arginine ethyl ester. It’s unbelievable. I have only used it for one day so far, but instantly I got better glans inflation. It’s great shit.

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I don’t see a negative problem mixing the two.

Arginine is a blood thinner? I thought it promotes better blood flow…

It’s not a blood thinner… its a vasodilator because it increase NO2 levels.

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