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Just bought Testosterone pills

Just bought Testosterone pills

So I went to Walmart today, initially to buy Extenze but after reading some of the experiences on Thunders I decided against it- heart racing side effects and bad headaches scared me. I tried generic Viagra once and had a bad experience where my heart was racing and I all the lights appeared in neon colors; needless to say I was beyond scared and don’t want to play around with that again.
But that’s another story lol-

So they had Testosterone pills there: Testosterone UP Red with Nitric Oxide Boosters made by Irwin Naturals. Feel free to google them.

My thinking was I’d try them as they’d be helping with nitric oxide and therefore helping with vascularity and oxygen assisted blood flow which is an important factor in what we do with our PE routines to aid in healing and strong erections. It converts to L-Arginine (which I already take) and has such ingredients as Tongkat Ali, Ginger, Ginko extract, Asian Ginseng. These have all been mentioned on Thunders.

Now I know this won’t be the same as Testosterone shots or anything like that but am I correct that maybe it can’t hurt at all?? I’m going to try these and see how they affect my erections, vascularity, and perhaps assist with growth as it strengthens blood flow.

Has anyone taken these or anything similar? My cock looked veiny a couple hours after taking my first dosage of 4 pills- possibly was just in my head. I’ll report back on here if I notice differences as I take these this month. Hopefully these can help!

I use TestoFuel as part of my weight lifting supplements.

I was already taking these before I started PE so I don’t have any before/after info.

Yeah I might be coming back to the gym so I figured these will help with the muscle building as well.

Hmmm I wonder if there a pill stack that we could come up with to increase vascularity/ blood flow to boost gains? I take L-Arginine, Ginko, L-Lysine, and green tea pills for cum volume and libido purposes. Wonder if combining these testosterone pills can be stacked for a different purpose than when I stack for cum increase.

Good strenuous exercise is by far the best way to increase vascularity , blood flow, and Testosterone levels. It’s really cheap but sadly doesn’t come in pill form.

+1 This.

To be even more specific, exercising the large muscle masses such as legs has been found to aid in T production.

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Unfortunately I havent tried these yet, hoping to bump your thread so maybe somebody who has may see it; i am also interested in the answer.

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Originally Posted by Mike03016

I use TestoFuel as part of my weight lifting supplements.

I was already taking these before I started PE so I don’t have any before/after info.

TestoFuel did nothing for me. I even had my testosterone checked before and after, no positive change.

I use this stack.. Basically a modified cum holy grail. I include CLA since I work out alot and helps with weight loss and muscle gain. Impressive sexual results, firmer erections, huge loads, more precum and stronger sensations when cumming.

Information below is what I experience personally. Plus I drink 100oz of water on average daily.

(1) L-Arginine, 1000mg Strength, Taken 3 time daily = 1000mg (blood flow, the testicle weight)
(2) Zinc, 50mg Strength, Taken 1 time daily = 50mg (for load volume)
(3) Pygeum, 100mg Strength, Taken 3 times daily = 200mg (for precum)
(4) Lecithin, 1200mg Strength, Taken 3 times daily = 1200mg (blood flow, testicle weight)
(5) damiana, 400mg, 3x per day (for erectile strength)
(6) CLA 1000mg, 3x per day. CLA is for weight loss and muscle gain.

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