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Libilov? = Tribulus/ginkgo biloba

Libilov? = Tribulus/ginkgo biloba

Hi. Its been a while, but Im running out of generic viagra and started looking for alternatives. Not looking for a bigger dick. Just better sex. Im 40

Anyone use this Libilov? Says it contains Tribulus and ginkgo biloba.

Iv read up on the Tribulus and want to try it. I thought I might get both the tribulus and ginkgo biloba in extract powder form and hope my sex drive increases.

And can anyone recommend a good source to buy tribulus & ginkgo biloba extract powder?


Supplements Check this out for basic herbal info., including things like Tribulus and ginkgo biloba.

Closing down all the generic drug web sites/and finding open sites for generic drugs Is a very long thread that discusses the (dirt cheap) prices of both V and Cialis from the online supplier Kitsnmore as well as other things. If you like the V a lot and are unfamiliar with the pennies on the dollar pricing of gray market vendors, check them out. Also very good thread simply to get feedback from a tone of guys on both shopping and dosing experience. Looong thread but it will probably save you lots of time in the long run.

My current fav’s are 1fast400 and Swanson. 1fast400 is a body building supps/articles/forum site and has good prices, bulk powders, and helpful information. There is a comparable mega-big, mega-cheap BB site that competes with them but I always forget the name. Swanson is an old fashion brick-n-mortar vitamin business turned click-n-mortar. They don’t take PayPal and you probably won’t find the designer supp you were after. Traditional vitamins and herbs they often beat everyone else on the net on price.

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I did read that whole thread. Good info.

How about beyond a century . com?

Heres the list Iv come up with..

Tribulus Terrestris

Ginkgo Powder

Green Tea 40%

Horny Goat Weed


Long Jack 100:1





Avena Sativa

Muira Puama

Omega 3

Buffered Arginine

Rhodiola Rosea

Swanson is very good. I recommend their products. Try their catuaba bark and it is very good for general libido.


I made my order with BAC a few days ago and added a few things to my list. But not the catuaba bark. I ordered everything in powders.

Catuaba is considered an “innocent” aphrodisiac, meaning no adverse side effects have been reported in its use.The effect is pronounced in men, especially as a libido enlivener. It is often used in combination with Muira Puama for tonifying the male sexual and urinary organs, specifically as an aphrodisiac and for impotence. It has reported benefits in relieving insomnia from hypertension, restless sleeping patterns, and even in helping to arrest failing memory.

Sounds like I should have included Catuaba though.. Next time.

Horny goat weed, that’s the funniest thing I ever heard. :p

Where do I find it and, in the process, do I have to kill any goats?

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Originally Posted by flygreg
Horny goat weed, that’s the funniest thing I ever heard. :p

Where do I find it and, in the process, do I have to kill any goats?

Well no, not kill them.:sheepdo:

Running a Massive Co-Front.

It fits the bill though..

Hey :

Strange thing—I ran out of Tribulus. I like to use the Auto-Extender and found that while NOT on the tribulus I was able to stretch at least 1/2” longer and maintained fulness from day to day. Got the new supply of tribulus and after just a few days I could no longer get the same length of stretch as without it. Go figure. Steve

hmm. I dont keep track of my length. But I noticed that the expensive long jack has done nothing for me. I wonder if its old cuz of its price..

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