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My DHT Andractim experience.

My DHT Andractim experience.

Hello everyone.

I have tried andractim gel a couple of times, with some strange side effects. Upon applying, it seems as if nothing would happen at all. It would evaporate off after about 20 minutes. There would be no noticeable effects one could notice even after an hour or two.

What I found strange, and to me scary though, was SLEEP! Everytime I applied it, my sleep was horrible. I would be restless, rolling around in bed awaking every hour, and even having strange dreams. I applied it later in the day, which could cause more of this effect, but still something I wanted to share with everyone. My only recommendation is to apply it only in the morning and incorporating it to you morning workout.

I will discontinue it’s use for now completely, except when I get back in my chemical p.e. And this will only be in the morning.


Strange dreams!?

Like what?

Very interesting!

You know I can’t really remember the dreams at this point, but disturbing ones. I had to think of it to remember the feeling, but not cool.

Lots of tossing and turning.

I would only recommend applying early morning, and monitoring your results. When I try again in a month or so, if I can’t sleep well, it will permanently be off my list.

What are the ingredients in this cream. I have been having strange but vivid dreams of late myself, but from what I don’t know.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

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