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Naturally increasing Testosterone for size

This question about testosterone and P.E comes up frequently. The answer is that more testosterone won’t make you gain more in P.E. During puberty, testosterone only increases growth of the penis and testicles because the genetics have a predetermined potential for growth. The growth occurs only because the testosterone is available in large enough amounts for the first time in a males life. This testosterone helps the young male to grow into his genetic potential. Once this potential has been filled, extra testosterone won’t increase size. One of the genetic limitations is how many testosterone receptors are present in certain areas. Some males will have more receptors in the penis that others and this may help their penises grow larger during puberty. Although growth will still be limited by other genetic predispositions. Once the full genetic potential has been fulfilled in puberty, growth stops. The only thing that could further increase penis size via this route would be to manipulate the genetics in some way.

When it comes to muscle growth, testosterone works by increasing protein synthesis and nitrogen retention. Very different to how it works to increase growth of bone and cartilage, aswel as genitalia etc, during puberty. These are permanent and fixed growths of puberty. Muscle, tendon and ligament growth is reversable, however. Muscles require the testosterone to remain present in high enough amounts, otherwise protein synthesis and nitrogen retention decrease and cannot build muscle (anabolism) as fast as it is broken down (catabolism).

In the case of P.E, protein synthesis and nitrogen retention do not seem to be the main determining factors of how fast or slow one makes gains. Unless these growth factors become critically low, due to very low testosterone levels or lack of protein in the diet. If protein synthesis and nitrogen retention were big determining factors in P.E, we would expect guys who ate more protein to gain faster but this doesn’t seem to be the case.

In other words, a minimum amount of protein is required for any growth and repair of tissue but this doesn’t equate to a scenario of the more protein you eat the more you will gain in P.E. Unlike muscle growth, penile growth is so gradual and affects such a small mass of tissue that protein synthesis and nitrogen retention don’t play a critical role in determining how much one will gain. So additional protein and testosterone don’t noticably help, so long as a minimum requirement is met. With weight lifting, however, the affected tissue area is so vast that protein synthesis and nitrogen retention levels do become critical to how much one can gain. Which makes extra dietary protein and testosterone beneficial because of their affects on protein synthesis and nitrogen retention.

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BTW are there foods that enhance/promote/improve the body’s production of androgens? (My interest not related to PE)



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“BTW are there foods that enhance/promote/improve the body’s production of androgens? (My interest not related to PE)”

Tribulus (bulgarian). It stimulates the pituatary gland into releasing luteinizing hormone, which then signals the testicles to increase their production of testosterone. Unlike androgens and steroids, which break down directly into testosterone or testsoterone like compounds. Tribulus is more of a herb than a food. Only buy bulgarian tribulus that has been standardised for it saponin (active ingredient) percentage. 20-40% is ideal.

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.

One bad thing about testosterone is that it’s involved with other processes as men get older, such as encouraging the hair on your head to fall out (and, due to some conservation-of-hair principle, sprout elsewhere on your body). If you’re concerned about balding, you don’t want to encouage testosterone production.

You should read the thread on here called “Tongkat Ali?” - all about natural testosterone levels.

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You figure they would. I got that list of ingredients off CVS site.

What is the CVS site, please?

There does seem to be some discrepancy in the ingredients of Vahard. At, there is no mention of Androstenedione.


Uhh don’t take andro. It doesn’t naturally increase’s a prohormone.. Which means it converts into testerone and that ultimately shuts down your natural production of testosterone.. So when you quit taking it.. You’ll lose ‘gains’ and your test will be shut down pretty long unless you know how to PCT.

It’s essentially taking a weak steroid.. So.. That’s your decision.. Personally.. I don’t care about steroids.. But either do it right or don’t do it at all.. Andro is a waste of money.. But I’ve wondered myself about .. 10weeks of testosterone injections in conjunction with PE excersizes.then with adequate post cycle therapy for steroids.

Originally Posted by Gottagrow
Tribulus (bulgarian).
Only buy bulgarian tribulus that has been standardised for it saponin (active ingredient) percentage. 20-40% is ideal.

I used to take Tribulus for weight training, apparently to help with stamina. I just checked I still have some left. I have Musashi Mega Tribulus Terrestris. The package doesn’t say anything about saponin, but the label says “Each capsule contains: tribulus terrestris extract equiv. Dry fruit (5,625mg)”. I take it this isn’t saponin?

Testosterone won’t increase penis size unless you are under 13, and even then it’s due to the androgenic affects of dht, which aromatisizes from Test via 5ar enzyme. If using T or dht actually worked then bodybuilders who are known to use insane amounts, 10x higher then ever experienced during puberty would experience penis growth. But this does not occur due to downregulation of the androgen receptor in penile tissues. There is some unknown mechanism that causes production of certain chemicals like TGFbeta1 that causes the down regulation of these AR receptors. As a result dht has no where to bind in penile tissue to cause growth. The interesting thing is that the prostate doesn’t experience this downregulation of AR and thus continues to grow throughout our life hence why a lot of men get prostate hypertrophy or even cancer.

The problem is that the drugs that would cause penile growth woul.d also cause your prostate to grow as well. The only way to minimize this would be to inject directly into the penis which I doubt most are willing to due.


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