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Naturally increasing Testosterone for size


Naturally increasing Testosterone for size

I was just wondering if you were to increase your bodies production of testosterone if would effect gains? Yes the penis is not a muscle but it has similar reactions towards stresses like muscles. That is why jelqing works because it stresses the tissues in the penis and the body reacts by building it up. Now testosterone levels determine how quickly you can put on muscle mass, i mean seriously why do steroids work, because the increase testosterone.
Well anyway i was reading a lot about testosterone and how to raise production through diet and such and was just wondering if this would increase speed and overall size of growth.


I’m trying out a supp called “Vahard”. One of its main ingredients is Androstenedione, which is suppose to aid the production og testosterone.

I found an excerpt from a medical study about Andro:

Androstenedione through a specific enzyme, is considered to be
one of the single best “food” that is available to support the
natural healthy production of the body’s testosterone.

Androstenedione is a potent androgen; a metabolite of DHEA
which serves as a direct precursor (one step removed) in the
bio-synthesis of Testosterone. Androstenedione is produced
primarily in the adrenal gland. Oral supplementation with
Androstenedione has been shown to have dramatically increase
“free” (the non-bound biologically active) testosterone levels
through a single enzymatic reaction in the liver, with the help
of a zinc-dependent enzyme. Increases as high as 300% have
been reported within just minutes after ingestion. Studies show
that after taking one capsule 100mg of androstenedione, the
testosterone/epitestosterone (T/E) ratios rise as high as 13/1.
This represents a 5 to 6 fold increase over the normal T/E ratio.
Secondary to this increase, other beneficial effects such as
increased energy, enhanced recovery and growth from exercise,
heightened sexual arousal and function, as well as a greater
sense of well being have also been experienced.

Men who have prostate problems and women who may have a
predisposition towards breast cancer should advise their
physician that they are supplementing androstenedione. The
physician may then monitor the levels of testosterone and
estrogen for any changes while taking androstenedione. Also,
because Androstenedione is an androgen (male hormone),
women should watch for signs of masculinization such as
increased growth of facial hair. Also, some men may possibly
experience a slight incidence of gynecomastia. If any changes
are noted, decrease or stop using Androstenedione is advised.

It is recommended that MEN swallow one capsule with some
water, on an empty stomach, twice a day. Be sure to take one
of this daily dose approximately 1 to 2 hours prior to training
as blood levels of androstenedione are raised during exercise,
at which time the blood flow to the muscles is optimized.

Approximately after three weeks of using Androstenedione, the
body begins to acknowlege the additional hormone levels and
reacts by ‘suppressing’ the endogenous testosterone levels.
What this means is that whatever the body was producing in
it’s ‘natural state’ (before the use of supplements, steroids
etc.) will slow it down to accommodate for the new influx of
additional hormone.

Women if they so should choose to use Androstenedione
should take only one capsule of a day, ideally 1 to 2 hours
prior to training. Again, women should ideally choose not to
use Androstene due to it’s androgenic inducing capabilities.

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Uncut4Big / Mike

have you found any differences in your PE?

try some endotest or something like that.

<<Yes the penis is not a muscle but it has similar reactions towards stresses like muscles. That is why jelqing works because it stresses the tissues in the penis and the body reacts by building it up. >>

I don’t agree with this theory. Personally I believe jelqing works because you stretch the tunic, there for giving your penis more capasity to hold blood, hense making your penis bigger. Or, in the case of stretching or hanging, you stretch the tunic and lig which elongates the penis, causing length gains.

Just my oppinion


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Current (Jan 2013): 7.125 EBPL X 6"EG ~ GOAL = 7+" (anything more is fine) EBPL X 6.5" EG

I would also be interested to know if this would help gains. In Uncut’s excerpt it says that, after three weeks, your body compensates by lowering natural production of testosterone. Does this mean that you should only take it for three weeks at a time? Generally speaking, how safe are these types of supplements?

I also use Vahard and have found the flaccid hang to be better, you produce more cum and gives great hardons. I dont know if it is better for PE yet but I have gained over an 1” in length since June.


You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

I went on a cycle of Andro during my third and fourth months of PE. I was taking it for weight training and didn’t notice any effect in regards to PE. My gains weren’t any better than other months and I didn’t fatigue any less. I wouldn’t recommend it for PE, but it definitely helps with weight training.

Well, the company that manufactures “Vahard” suggests a 20 day cycle (3 weeks) on then 1 week off.

Since I started taking Vahard I have more frequent erections, a longer flaccid hang, plus I’m able to keep my semi-erection during workouts. Have not seen any gains but then again I haven’t measured either. My GF commented on it, though, saying it feels longer and thicker. It also gives me huge cum loads, which she likes :) and raging hard-ons during sex, not to mention more stamina.

I know, though, that there’s definitely a difference in appearance. I’ll take it long-term to see if I get any kind of gains out of it.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

Were can I buy this vahard?

They sell it at Safeway where I live. You could also get it from their website. Here’s the link to the vahard page that shows what’s in it. Click the store locator button to see what stores carry it.

I checked vahard ingredients and it doesnt mention androstenedione .

Per 3 Capsules: Tribulus 667 mg; Muira Puama 427 mg; Catuaba Bark 352 mg; Androstenedione 127 mg; L-Arginine 127 mg; Ginseng (Korean) 60 mg; Avena Sativa 60 mg; Natural Vitamin E 37 IU; Mg Stearate; Gelatin

It’s in there.



Shouldn’t they be including this full list here , , too ?

BTW any diet or foods that enhance/promote/improve the body’s production of androgens?


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Originally Posted by questioning

Shouldn’t they be including this full list here , , too ?

You figure they would. I got that list of ingredients off CVS site.


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