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Hey all,

I was recently at a nutrition store, and got talking with the guy there. He recommended Opti-Men to me after I told him that I have been feeling quite weak and tired recently and that the only thing I take is Centrum Multi-Vitamins.

He gave me 2 tablets of Opti-Men to try out also. I have been reading that stuff and comparing it with Centrum, and damn it is quite loaded. The guy at the store said it is the only multi-vitamin he is taking and he’s been taking it for 2 years.

So I’d like to have more people’s opinion on this. I am already leaning towards getting this stuff, however, I’d really like to hear from anyone here whose been using it or know anything about it.


Definitely getting bigger.

You know, in general, vitamins are just meant to fill holes in your diet, and not be a staple for general well being.

How is your diet? Do you eat well or is it fast food and junk? Do you smoke? Drink? Sleep well?

If you felt any different taking just 2 tablets of Opti-Men, it must have speed in it or something. The list of ingredients is impressive, but Centrum does meet your vitamin requirements. The Opti has a lot of extra herbal stuff, which may or may not over time have benefit.

No I didn’t feel much difference after taking two tablets. But I thought maybe over time, it would be helpful.

My diet and everything is fine. I sleep about 7 hours a day, drink only on occasions, never smoke.
I have just also started to take that Myoplex nutrition drink. I am very skinny, and yet I play football every week, and have been going gym also lately.

I really really need to put on some pounds though it just doesn’t seem to happen. So I thought why not try the nutrition drink. Seems a safe choice.

Maybe with the football and all, I have been tiring myself out, yet I am only 23 and a couple of years ago, I was pretty much in the same shape yet I was playing alot more and never feeling like this.

Definitely getting bigger.

Maybe it’s a mental thing. Are you stuck in a rut? Things bugging you at work or at home? Life not treating you right? Being depressed can really drain you.

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