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Practical steroid+pe test


Practical steroid+pe test

Hiya guys+gals,

Ok, since I have seen discussions on whether steroids increase penis size, and whether they could aid PE I will continue my PE while on my next cycle.

During my last cycle I was not doing any PE at all, I was taking 30mg of D-Bol ED and had no penis size increase at all, only reduction of testicle size (which I expected and was prepared for)

This next cycle will consist of either 250mg of Sustanon twice a week or 35-40mg of D-Bol per day 7 days a week. Sustanon will last 10 weeks, D-Bol will last 6 weeks.

The cycle will also consist of 500IU of HCG maybe once or twice a week to keep testicular mass.

Post cycle will be Nolvadex.

This cycle will commence in approximately 4-6 weeks to give me enough time off and to prepare.

PE will consist of 300 jelqs with a powerjelq and two sets of 10 mins hanging, this will be 2 days on 1 day off. I might throw in some cable clamps.

Comments and suggestions welcome as I am putting myself forward to be a guinea pig.

Stats at present:

BPFSL: 8.0” - 8.5”
BPEL: 7.5”
EL: 6.75” - 7.0”
FL: 4.0” - 4.5”
EG: 4.75”
FG: 4.0”

PS: I have not had much size increase from PE, only maybe half inch of length so far, no girth.


Let us know how it work for you!, like 5 years ago i used some Testo 50”, testo 150” and some sostenon 250 later. but school and work dont let me stay on the gym :( , (and dont know PE back then!), so, if you notice some results (good ones or bad ones!) just let us know! :)


Hopefully we’ll see some conclusive results :)

Good luck!


After reading though a few threads let me clarify that I don’t juice to make my dick grow, nor am I going to inject anything into my unit, I will be injecting into my ass cheek and thigh only!


I’ve been on steroid replacement therapy for ten years. My cock is exactly the same size now as it was ten yars ago. Exactly. In my opinion steroid supplementation does not affect cock size at all.

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Hiya tomoarctus,

To be honest with you I can’t see them doing much either, I will just continue with my PE while on cycle.

The only thing I can see is that they might aid recovery.

Also the dosages I will be taking are quite a bit higher than the doses that are used for replacment therapy.


Also while I think about it, if anyone has any particular steroid in mind for this test let me know, I can get my hands on pretty much every steroid available.


ficti0n wrote:
>I have not had much size increase from PE, only maybe half inch of length so far, no girth.

Only maybe half an inch? It’s too bad you didn’t measure well before, but you might as well begin now. Here is how I do it for length:

1) BPEL. After at least 2 days off from any PE, measure with the best erection you can muster, which means barely short of orgasm. If doing this right-handed, align the left edge of the ruler with the center of your penis and press the ruler in against your pubic bone as hard as you can. Repeat several times and record the best length you can get.

2) BPFSL. After at least 2 days off from PE, while completely flaccid, take an underhand grip right behind the head using your left hand and and extend your penis straight out with a strong stretch. Jam the ruler as hard as you can into the same spot on your pubic bone as you used above and record where the very tip of your head reaches on the ruler. Repeat several times. It’s important to be entirely flaccid for this measurement.

Always strive for and record the longest length you can get well away from any PE. Tracking the best you achieve prevents illusions of size gain from “ruler creep.” These are the basics. I suggest taking these measurements at least several days in a row if you aren’t used to measuring so you can determine how much variation and error you can expect day to day.

“Only maybe half an inch so far” doesn’t cut it. I can tell when I gain as little as 1/16” bpel or bpfsl. You should too with some practice.

Good point Hobby, I wasn’t thinking that way before.

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Hiya hobby,

Don’t think I explained that too good. At the moment I’m max 7” EL and 4.75” EG, I have been this size since maybe the middle of last year. I have done PE on and off since then, but time and work commitments got in the way. I have been back on track for the past few weeks and haven’t gained anything yet as you might expect.

Very informative post, I will be making sure that my measurements are accurate during this test, as even a small error will make a difference to results.

One measurement I have been tracking is erect length and girth with a cable clamp on and the hardest tool I can get.


Good deal, ficti0n. Just wanted to make sure that you track your size so as to be able to recognize progress when it occurs, juice experiment or not.

It’s been awhile since this post, have you come to any conclusions, fiction?

Stay away from Deca…

I wonder what happened to ficti0n. Maybe he was arrested for possession :p . Or he’s keeping the results a secret in order to remain one of the few big ones!

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Yeah dude, I was wondering the same thing. I’m very curious as to the outcome of PEing on a cycle. (I don’t use steroids, but have been considering it as of late)

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