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Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali

I am interested in buying Tongkat Ali products, such as LJ100. Some sites mentioned that this stuff improves the size of penis and testicles, two things I liked to improve.

So has anyone tried tongkat ali?

Also, Have you noticed a change in size of your penis and tecticles?

Finally, have you combine tongkat ali with PE for big gains?

I’m just curious about this product. I would really like to buy it if anyone else recommends it.
So I hope to see some posts, and thanks ahead.

I see there were some similar threads about this. I’m wondering if the benifets are permanent (I doubt), or are they dependent on the product?

I hope it is not like row-gain stuff, whatever the name is for that hair growth product, where the hair falls of when not taken constantly.

Ya, there should be a bunch of discussions about this. From what I remember some guys got some results whereas it did nothing for others. Some guys reported it gave them annoying side effects, while others noted it made them hornier. I don’t think anyone would recommend it for PE though. Just a tip though, hardly anyone posts during this time of the day, especially the weekend.

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Tongkat Ali have been used for many years in malaysia and indonesia especially malays ethnic.. It’s a kind to boost ur body energy naturally espcially sex drive and long’s a natural from a tongkat ali trees. In malaysia usually we used meditated leech oil at PE exercise. It is suitable to be applied to those having problems in sexual relationship, those wanting to increase the pleaseure in sex and those who want to improve their private part for big,long,stiff, long lasting, avoid premature ejaculation, strengthening penis and smoother seminal ejaculation is for sale | HugeDomains (meditated oil leech website) is for sale | HugeDomains (english version)

I tried it for about three weeks and all I got was only a slight, a very slight, increase of my libido. To me not really worth the money.

Well, I am from malaysia here, and the thing about tongkat ali is thatis just improve your sleep and making you don’t feel sleeping while you work, or should we say some kind of vitamin. But for sure it will improve your sex life but, the thing you mention here that it can enlarge your member? I don’t think so.because we can easily get Tongkat ali in malaysia here.took sometime if you want this product come here and look for me, I have a lot which is not produce yet.I mean into tablet.

Thanks for the replies everyone. I’m not too sure about tongkat ali anymore, but I will test it in the future just to see for myself.

I used TA for about 15 days. I got harder errections and more desire for sex. I think it would help for PE workout especially girth workouts by improving blood flow. As you feel horny, mostly you will have blood flowing to your dick often witch means to me that it helps recovery from workouts which intern would enhance growth. However it may not increase your dick by itself and it is true with any herbs. TA might increase balls size though, since it triggers balls to produce more testosterene.

So, the higher the testosterone production during puberty the bigger your balls grow? This is scientific fact? I must say I’m sceptic about that, very.

Originally Posted by kbvk
TA might increase balls size though, since it triggers balls to produce more testosterene.

Hi Mule,

I’m no expert with TA to talk about it. That was just my experience with it.

When I use it my balls hang better apart from it’s benifits like, mental clarity, stamina, sexual desire, overall well being. As far as I know, benifits of any supplements will not be consistent if used over a long period. That is why experts suggest to cycle off any supplement.

Kbvk, how much did you use a day and after how many days did you notice a difference?

I’m starting to think that maybe my dosage was insufficient, and so I never got the effects that you had; mental clarity, stamina, sexual desire, overall well being. As stated earlier, all I got was a very slight increase of sexdrive.

Higher the extract strength better the effects.
I noticed the benefits I mentioned during the second week.
I took other supplements like L-A, L-O, Multi vitamin, Fish Oil Capsule, Vitamin E as well. L-A+L-O work wonders for my unit PE and sex wise. T-A with these supplements gave additional effects.

Which brand of T-A are you using?

Kbvk, I’ve been using 3 capsules of 500mg from The Herbal Alternative Natural V. Took them right before going to bed and on an empty stomach.

Have you ever taken TA without other supplements? Seeing the list of supplements you take makes it impossible to subscribe the effects you experience to just one supplement alone. That’s why I always try out a new supplement without taking others, that way I can be certain the effect comes from the one I’m taking.

What’s the extract strength in the product you are using?
I have not taken TA alone. I believe that most of the sex enhancing herbs work better if combined with L-A.
Mabybe you can let us know your opinion on TA.

I like your avatar :-)

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