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Vitamin C has kept me from getting the flu for a long time


Vitamin C has kept me from getting the flu for a long time

I use to get a bad cold plus the flu every year. Someone had told me that vitamin c could help prevent the flu, but I didn’t think much about it for years. I’ve never been one to get flu shots and don’t even know how long flu shots have been around. Anyway, after a very bad bout with the flu one year, I decided to try vitamin c, taking 1000 mg a day, and I haven’t had a cold or the flu in 17 years now.

It’s controversial whether it prevents colds and flu. There are people that swear by it and others who say it doesn’t work. All I know is that it has worked like a charm for me for a very long time now. A couple mentioned to me recently about getting a flu shot and I told them about vitamin c, but they still prefer the shot. They weren’t convinced the c would protect them, and I certainly couldn’t guarantee it would. Some believe that high doses of vitamin c can cause kidney stones. I haven’t had any, but maybe it could if someone is prone to get them?

As an added benefit, I later learned that vitamin c is considered a chelator and an antioxidant.

I take a gram of C a day also. I haven’t been sick in a while.

17 years without so much as a cold, bt!! It wasn’t luck for sure, so you have convinced me. I have some knocking around the pills and potions drawer, time I had them out, I always seem to have a cold, though touch wood, I don’t catch flu very often.

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You can try just taking 500 mg a day, but I don’t know if that will provide as much protection. You should probably take at least 1000 mg a day. I actually usually take 2000 or more a day nowadays because I had read a recommendation that amount is even better for chelation and antioxidant protection. That’s only been for a few years though that I’ve increased, as I only took 1000 mg for many years.

Hi Beenthere,

I take a daily 1250 mg. supplementation of Vit C for many reasons. The flu preventing abilities may be controversial, but it is a antioxidant, very potent if combined with Vit A (betacarotene) and Vit E, which protects the lining of blood vessels, definitively a plus regarding PE. Besides that -and perhaps even more important for PE- Vit C is a coenzime essential to the formation of collagen, basic building block of connective tissue, including that of the walls of veins and arteries. In other words, there is no debate about Vit C giving you stronger and healthier blood vessels that won’t burst as easily when doing PE. By the way, collagen synthesis is fundamental to build more tissue for the dick, for a bigger dick you need more collagen.

I know all this for a fact not only from having reading a lot on the subject, but because I suffer from a condition since I was a child, called capillary fragility. If I don’t take Vit C for a long period, 4-6 months I start to get nose bleeds and petechias (blood spots) on my ankles; Vit C reverts the condition in 3 to 5 days.

Kidneys stones due to Vit C can be prevented by drinking lots of water. Have to be careful though, in cases of high uric acid (gout), because it can precipitate its crystal in the kidneys a potentially deadly complication. Again, lots of water. I drink 1,5-2 gallons per day.

Take care,


I’ve had no problems whatsoever during PE, so I wonder if the Vit C helps give me added protection? I think I read a theory here at Thunder’s that Vitamin C might hinder PE results, but my results seem ok so far I think (1 1/8” L gain and 1/4” G gain).

As a side note, the E, A, C combo you spoke of is believed to help prevent some cancers with their antioxidant effects.

Originally Posted by Hog6.5

In other words, there is no debate about Vit C giving you stronger and healthier blood vessels that won’t burst as easily when doing PE.

I now see you had already answered my question. :)

I drink a glass of orange juice each morning. I work out on a regular basis. I haven’t gotten a cold in, i’d say, about 5 years. Lifting also boosts your immune system along with diets.

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Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

If you are sick, you can take some Vitamin C and sometimes it will quicken your recovery time.

I need to start taking it again, but I was taking 2 g a day at one point. You essentially just piss out what you don’t need.

Hi Beenthere,

the theory that Vit C boosts your defenses was initially proposed some 35 years ago by Linus Pauling, Nobel laureate in Chemistry. I has never been disproved, however it hasn’t been conclusively proved, either. Pauling got lots of flack from the medical community because of his theory, but stood by it the rest of his long life. He took up to 30 grams of C, with no adverse effects and recommended a dose between 5 and 10 grams. He claimed never to get sick and lived a very healthy life well into his 90’s, as I recall.

There are many studies that suggests Vit C does improve your immune system. I’m a believer, one of the reasons I take it. However, there are many factors that determine immunological response. Good health, not only physically but -of great importance- mentally is a strong factor. Today, it’s well known that macrophages (white blood cells that eat away foreign matter, germs,bacteria, viruses, etc.) are slower in depressed individuals, for instance. Exposure to chemicals and other contaminants, certain germs (HIV, most notably) can have an adverse effect on it.

It is of great importance to take Vit E, C and A (as betacarotene) together in order to get the full antioxidant effect. As a matter of fact, the main antioxidant is E, but it oxidizes too easily, so C and A protect it from oxidizing by binding to oxygen free radicals first. It is true that E is a blood thinner; however, E is a fundamental component of lipoproteins and lipoproteins are part of all cellular membranes in the human body. So, keeping E from oxidizing first, assures a good supply of it for building new tissue, including vascular tissue and that of the dick. Also, it has a strong protecting activity of vascular linings against free radicals. There are studies that show that it not only prevents heart disease, but also reverts it. Today, doctors routinely prescribe up to 3,000 IU of Vit E in cardiac patients for this reason. Hence, I think that these mechanisms of action of Vit E offset the possible complications of the thinning of blood, even more if combined with C.

There is a theory that cancer is caused -at least in some degree- by free radicals. According to it, free radicals (atoms of Oxygen) bind to healthy cells damaging their DNA (a similar -but not the same- mechanism as in vascular damage), thus creating cancerous cells. Again, the oxidizing properties of Vit E, C and A help prevent oxidation of healthy cells, this is the reason they are called antioxidants. But again, taken together. Other antioxidant commonly believed to be useful in cancer prevention is Selenium, that’s why there are many formulas in the market that combine it with E.

Regarding the action of Vit C, and in my opinion highly pertaining to vascular protection, is the supplementation with Bioflavonoids, generally found in the peel of citrus, grapes, green tea, etc.. They’re also very powerful antioxidants and vascular protectors. There are actual prescription medications for vascular disease that contain (Daflon, i.e.).

Whatever supplementation you take, it is just that supplementation, meaning added to something else, and that something else is a sensible diet rich in fruits and vegetables that already contain these nutrients. This is especially critical but not restricted to Vit C and Bioflavonoids, so think of adding the zest of lemon to your lemonade, which gives it excellent taste.

Take care,

Hi Illist,

I could not agree more with you. Lifting and exercising, in general, does boost your immune system. I returned to my workouts 2 1/2 years ago and haven’t got sick ever since. Before, I was ridden with chronic bronchitis (I’m asthmatic) and caught every flu that passed by.

It is believed that strenuous exercise (like lifting) does lower your defenses in the short run, but boosts your immune system in the long run. It seems it has to do with an increase of catecholamines (neurotransmitters) which, in turn, increase white blood cells activity. I do strongly believe this is the way it works.

Take care,

Usually my colds last 5-7 days, but if I take 8 grams of vitamin c on the first day of my cold, I’m pretty much ok the next day and I’m perfect on the third day. I take about 8 grams a day when I have the cold or flu. It’s excessive but I don’t get any bad symptoms like diahrea.

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