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what will make me shoot monster loads?


what will make me shoot monster loads?

I am interested in shooting bigger loads…. Lately they havent been to impressive I heard certain amino acids help. Do these really work??? Any of you ever used them? Big improvement?

L-arginine works, i took it every day for 1 week and my loads were bigger for about 1 week after i stopped. i stopped because ive always had a short recovery period between sex, but the orgasms i got when i took this totally drained me for the rest of the day. i got scarily large loads, give it a go. it cost me about £3.00 - $5.00. and i got 50 capsules.


Shooting for 9"

where can you get this l- arginine?

you can find it online at any supplement site… try

"Building a weapon of mass destruction" Started: 5.81" x 3.88" Now: 8.5" x 5.0" Goal: 9" x 6"


How many capsules did you consume per day? Each capsule seems to contain 500mg. I currently consume between 2-4 capsules per day but have not seen that big improvements.

This is what I take

I take 1 zinc tab, 1000 mg of L’Arg (get it at GNA) and 1000 units of vit E. My orgasms are VERY intense with about 2 tsp of semen. Been doing this for about 2 months. Money well spent.



Kamel for taking the time to post the site on L’Ar. I’ve just printed it and will take it with me to the doctor’s office, where I’m sure I’ll have an hour’s wait.


cool, I guess its nto a good idea for me to take that since im 19 and i was a late bloomer, I first shot my load in late 15’s early 16’s!

Hi Kamel & Mr6

Well, only had to wait a half hour at the urologist - got a cyst inside my little buddy and they’re gonna have to cut it open. Maybe they can insert some gel before they sew me back up and I won’t have to PE anymore. Right!!!!!

Sure didn’t know L-Arg was connected to growth hormone. Mr6, I ‘m sure you’d be safe taking it at 19. I know quite a bit about growth hormone, my son has been on it since the 5th grade and he’s now 24. Once you’ve reached puberty, growth hormone no longer is effcective. However, they have found that once you go on growth hormone you have to stay on it ‘til you croak due to bone density and some other stuff. So Mr, I should assume you’ve reached puberty at this point.

Try the concoction I’m doing and see if it works for you. I didn’t particularly want more semen ( have more kid than I bargained for), but when you’re producing more, it makes for a great orgasm. Give it 2 months.


Apparently to initiate HGH you have to take massive amounts of L-a a day - 30 grams, which is sixty 500 mg capsules.

On just 3 grams a day taken first thing in the AM on an empty stomach, at the end of the work day, and just before bed, I get several interesting results:

Orgasms feel more intense, perhaps because

Cum volume is considerably increased, and the longer it takes to shoot a load the better that high

My ejaculate velocity has changed; more distance which is a nice visual benefit when you’re jerking off

Nocturnal erections (these are very important events for all of us) have increased in hardness and number. Taking L-a at bedtime no doubt contributes to this.

I’m a Viagra user. L-a seems to have enhanced my response to the V and V works very well for me even without L-a.

Dreams are more vivid and memorable. This is okay if you have pleasant dreams, which I usually do. If I didn’t, I think I’d probably drop the L-a. :-)

My advice is to start with low doses of L-a in the beginning, like 1.5 grams a day, and slowly work up. Many if not most men are carriers of herpes these days. If a herpes flareup occurs, back off the L-a. Seems logical to me that each of us has a different tolerance to L-a as far as the herpes mechanism goes.



So Avocet

I’m taking 2 - 500 mg of l’ar a day. You’re saying increase that to 6 capsules a day? morning, late afternoon and late eve?

Well, I gotta agree, man, the orgasms, the velocity and volume are increible - almost prefer jacking off to sex, since as you say, the visual is incredible.



Not saying you should take what I take, only that that’s how much I take. I also got a good response from 500 mg, 3 x a day but 1000 mg, 3 x a day seems like a better fit for me.

Keep in mind that I’ve had some ED.



I believe that report stated not until 5 years after long bone growth has been completed. That’s at least until you are 25 or so, on average. Not at the onset of puberty.

Anyhow, thanks for the report and conversation. I am considering it.


Read up on it. Well worth consideration.



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