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Yohimbine Bark Extract?

Yohimbine Bark Extract?

Has anyone tried taking this rather than pure yohimibine? I see there is a small percentage of yohimibine in it, but I’m not too sure of the difference between yohimibine and yohimbine. Any input? You can pick up yohimbine bark extract at pretty much any vitamine store.

Tread softly on concentrated yohimbe extracts. For some individuals they can exacerbate things such as high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, and other such heart related anomalies. What does one body good can make another one quite uncomfortable. All herbals should be treated like medicine and doseages should be arrived at by working up from very low concentrations.

The typical, health food’s store, Yohimbe extract is, for me, like a kind of herbal liquid Cialis. Two dropperfuls with breakfast and I’ll wind up with tremendous morning wood for a couple days straight and will usually tag my chick 4 or 5 times over a two day period. Additionally, if I take it regularly, it will exacerbate my irregular heartbeat, something that only happens these days when I’m taking Yohimbe.

But there’s other people who take it, some several times a day and at higher doses who report no effect at all. And I believe them. Everybody’s different. But with certain herbs: Yohimbe, Ginseng, St. John’s Wort, and others, you are far better acclimatizing to them and figuring out your dose by starting with the less intense forms and working with them from there.

Any time I can get the action I’m looking for out of an herb in it’s most pure and unconcentrated form, I stick with that form if it’s cost effective. The more you concentrate and tamper with herbs, the more likely you are to either inhibit other synergistic actions or to narrow the spectrum of it’s effect.

One of the only extracts I’ve felt a real good case for using in a concentrated form is the standardized 50:1 Gingko products. These really do seem to help the Gingko work it’s majic better. Something like Yohimbe, I would be very wary of using in a concentrated form.

My .02

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