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A possible treatment for balding

A possible treatment for balding

I am a newcomer so I don’t have access to all the other forums here, thus I post this here in hopes of a benevolent veteran who can help out.

I was recommended a youtube video which suggests a method for regrowing your hair, for free nonetheless, so I thought maybe some of you might be interested; or maybe you have already heard of it. In short, by massaging (pinching, pressing and stretching) the scalp, there have been incidences of hair regrowth. The one who “discovered” this himself, Rob English, admits that it does not follow the scientific golden standard but I thought that would not stop any of you guys; and needless to say, I am of course trying this out myself. The only thing you need is an email. Why? No idea, I just used a throw-away (though you have to be able to confirm your email). The links to the video and his websites are below and again, it’s completely free.

His website:
Perfect Hair Health: Exploring the Science Behind Hair Loss & Hair Growth

The youtube video it was presented in (along with an interview and a suggestion of the cause of the balding phenomena):

Privacy info: Clicking on this image will enable content from Privacy friendly version via Piped.

If you don’t want/can’t use the link, it’s made by What I’ve learned and is named “What causes Hair Loss and How to Regrow it” (30 min).

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I saw that recently as well. The interesting part, if I understand it correctly, is that the scalp is connected to smooth muscle tissue around the crown of the head (just like what is inside the Corpus Cavernosa) that, unlike skeletal muscle, cannot be voluntarily activated. I didn’t click on the link for the .pdf, which is apparently free, but I do plan on it. A crown massage may even be added to the routines section of our PE statistics. I’m still a newb, so I could be wrong.

Keep us posted.

I forgot to mention that I am not at all far gone in the balding process. I have just noticed my hairline recede significantly these last couple of years and thinning in places that resemble a typical balding pattern.

I should also add that I, in conjunction with starting this routine, have begun taking nutrient supplements. Nothing out of the ordinary, just a vitamin mix provided by my local pharmacy. I have also been physically active for pretty consistent for years now. Up until this point, it feels and sometimes looks like I have lost more hair than usual but as mentioned either in the video or the pdf, some of that is expected in the beginning. Though it could also just be an illusion caused by my hair pattern. I’ll upload some pictures taken right around the time I began this routine and maybe some older, just for future references.

I’m sorry, I should have noticed this earlier. While the routine I’m testing is free, they actually sell some services so this could just be bullshit where the free routine is the bait. Sorry, if you feel deceived. I will however, continue with the massage routine.

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