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Pubic Hair Styles

Pubic Hair Styles

Since getting into PE a few years ago, I also started shaving my scrotum and trimming the remaining pubic hair. At first, I did this because it made it easier to PE, later on I realized how much I liked how it looked. (It didn’t hurt that visually it instantly added an inch or two to my package!) I have since become fascinated with the process of trimming and styling pubic hair. I even got my wife to start getting regular bikini waxes at the day spa!

I have experimented with various hair removal techniques over the years and developed my own pubic hair style—scrotum/balls and ‘taint entirely shaved with the pubic hair “bush” trimmed to about 1” in length in a nice arch shape that frames my dick and balls. As part of my look, I also remove the hair on my upper thighs and the hair on my lower abdomen (below the waistline) to make my package stand out more.

My latest fascination is with pubic hair that has been styled into different shapes. I love women who do this. Here is a photo example of what I mean:


Upon further Internet research, I found Jenna Jameson’s “Hot Trimmer”, a complete kit for creating pubic hair designs. This kit includes the following patterns: heart, “X”, pointing arrow, “V”, chili pepper, star, lightning bolt, triangle, check mark, etc. Here is a link to a non-porn site where you can buy the Hot Trimmer kit: is for sale | HugeDomains

(Click on the gray drop down frame bar at the top on the box titled “Fun and Games” and then click on “The Hot Trimmer”.)

I also found a waxing kit with pubic hair designs:

https://www.jus … com/ie/box.html

I think that women who do this are incredibly sexy. To me, it shows an extra attention to detail and the additional effort it takes to be perfectly groomed. This would be a fun thing to introduce to your wife or girlfriend, if she doesn’t do it already.

The thought then occurred to me, “If women can do this, why can’t men style pubic hair into shapes also?” I had already developed the arch shape that in the “V” where the legs come together. I found this article on the subject:

After looking at the pubic hair design patterns linked above, I decided that while they would look great on a women’s body, they probably would not look as good on a man. I like the pubic hair patch to cover the point where dick and balls meet the lower abdomen. None of these designs would lend themselves to maintaining that prerequisite. After seeing a reference to using cookie cutters as a pattern to trim out pubic hair shapes, I rummaged through the boxes of cookie cutters we have at our house and selected a shape to try.

I selected a large heart cookie cutter—the kind that is just a metal outline forming the heart shape. I framed the cookie cutter around dick and balls, with my balls reaching the point of the heart. This would allow me to trim my pubic hair in the shape of the top part of the heart, with my dick and balls forming the “V” part of the heart.

In my case, since I was already trimmed into an arch shape, using the cookie cutter as a template for trimming involves growing out the arch shape into the “top of the heart” shape. I’ve been doing this for the past week.

I’m still looking for other shapes to use once I get bored of the “top of the heart” shape.

Pubic hair is the last frontier for grooming and self-expression. This seems like another way to have fun and express yourself with your body, without the permanence and potential adverse health effects that getting a tattoo or a piercing would entail.

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I’ve got my pubes died blue at the moment and I am thinking about bright red for Xmas lol.

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Originally posted by freewilly
I've got my pubes died blue at the moment and I am thinking about bright red for Xmas lol.

Saw a European porn like that once, all sorts of color dyed pubes, lol. It was actually scary to watch.

Still working on growing out my pubic hair in the “top of the heart” pattern mentioned in my initial post. I went out and bought my own 5 1/2” heart-shaped cookie cutter to use as a template. I found this at a specialty baking/cooking store. This cookie cutter is slightly smaller than the one I was using from our pantry; however, it is nicely made of copper and sturdier than the one I was using.

I think that once the previous arch shape is fully grown out to the heart pattern, the end resulting look will be that of a heart pierced by a dick and balls.

Over the weekend, I got a wild hair (pun intended) and trimmed my remaining bush with my beard and moustache trimmer. I wanted to get all the hair close to one length so it would grow out evenly. I put the comb/depth attachment at its longest setting (approximately 1/2”) and trimmed my previously 1” long pubic hair down to the longest setting on the beard and moustache trimmer. I also made sure that the upper part of my scrotum was completely shaved, clear to where it meets the pelvis. Fortunately, the hair above this area is still long enough to cover the margin between where balls end and pelvis begins. I also made sure that there was a nice margin around the base of the shaft which instantly adds an inch of length. I really like the Seiko Cleancut shaver for keeping the shaft and balls silky smooth and completely hair-free.

Wow, I’m still getting used to having pubic hair this short! I definitely look like a well-trimmed porn star and my package is definitely ready for a photo shoot! No, I’m not going to do it (photo session)! I’m still getting used to how big my balls look now. Having the upper part of the scrotum hair-free has introduced a whole new set of sensations!

Again, as I continue my quest to grow my pubic hair into a “top of the heart” shape, I’m still surprised how long it really takes to significantly grow out pubic hair. Yes, the stubble appears almost immediately; however, it takes a long time to grow pubic hair to a significant length.

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Interesting I actually like mine shaved also and find it comfortable the only thing about it is that it’s additional grooming especially during the summer months. Keep me posted on some of your designs.

Originally Posted by tallheart
Note to self: Don’t eat Valentine cookies at J Meister’s house.

Now that’s funny!

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