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candida, papules, blood vessells

candida, papules, blood vessells

Ok so I have been dating this girl for four years and I have went through a lot of PE problems!

I had these little moles starting to appear on my penis shortly after her std test came back negative except for hpv. We used condoms most times but stopped after she wanted to go bare. I am not sure what these things are and I never use to get them before I met her until her and I started having sex and she started giving me oral did these dark dots started appearing not just on my penis but all over my body.

I went to a urologist and he told me they looked like papules and that I should go to the health department. I went to the health department where two ladies said I looked fine, plus they were both doctors. My girl went back to the health department and she was clear of hpv about 3 months later.

I used apple cider vinegar to take off many moles including the ones on my penis, but every time I go to have unprotected sex with her o oral sex I get another couple of them. At first they are clear but then they can get darker. Once they do or become more mole looking I take them off with apple cider vinegar solution. I am in good health very athletic and she is little overweight and her breath smells a lot from consuming too much sugar. She has a few moles on her body but I did’t think anything of it when I f first met her. What gives? Is it Candida or hpv papules? How can I approach a thing like this? I never had but three small moles on me for 24 years then I meet achick who is the only chick I have ever had unprotected sex with and this crap happens.

Has this happened to anybody else?

One of life’s truths is: If you want B and you keep pressing A, you are gonna get A.

Go back to B; condoms every time. Meanwhile try to find a doc who can tell you specifically what’s going on. Doesn’t sound to me like you’ve found one of those yet.



Yea I am doing that! I am just surprised no vet on here can tell me what is going on and no one’s heard of this before….it’s been one wild ride!

It’s only when I have sex with this chick without a condom very odd.

That is odd. I feel your pain though buddy. I was very careful with girls I’ve been with in the past. Not a massive amount of them. One girl I met on a night out actually told me she had HPV that she caught from the ONLY guy she’d had sex with. Bad times. As we started getting close, our relationship grew and we both liked each other. We went out on a night out together with her friends and she came back to mine, both of us pretty drunk. So sex happened WITH a condom. Long story short our relationship broke down very quickly as she was petrified she’d given me something. I had no symptoms and hell I really liked her so I played it off as being cool and that I still wanted to see her but it was a no.

Anyway, turns out I got it. Genital warts, it’s a certain type of HPV. Which sucks. Some healthcare professionals have actually told me not to tell other partners about it. Something like one in three people have it but only one in twenty people show symptoms. As I understand it, it will take some time for your immune system to fight the nasty stuff off. Like your girls immune system did. If you keep having unprotected sex with an infected person before your immune system can fight it off of course your gonna get symptoms again. It’s the shitty truth of the matter my friend. You gotta wrap your tool for a few months. Give your body a chance to build up immunity. How long into your relationship did you start to get this problem?

I live in England and here the National Health Service (NHS) have clinics that deals with sexual health issues. Basically they freeze them off! It’s quite cool as when they do it the specific wart turns white, that’s a positive indicator it’s a wart. Other suspected tiny bumps down their didn’t go white so case closed for me. I don’t know what your options are in america but at least you’ve found out about the apple cider vinegar, and even better that it works for you! It’s a cheap solution to a very annoying issue! Maybe possible she has some warts internally that are reinfecting you? Definitely an issue to talk to a doctor about and not a forum though my friend. I wish you a speedy recovery anyway. Don’t let it get you down!

All the best,

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