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Is this a good fordcye spot treatment

Is this a good fordcye spot treatment

Someone said in a fordyce youtube comment it worked perfectly but wow it would be awesome if anyone who used this could reply or at least firegoat for example could say whether you think it would work.

Hmm I never knew there was a name for these little guys. I’ve always had them I think, but they’re only visible if the skin is stretched. They cause no pathology. Do they bother you a lot? If they do you can see a dermatologist and ask him to prescribe you with Tretinoin (Tretinoin - Wikipedia), wiki articles say it works quite well.

It’s doubtful that the “natural ingredients” (even when combined with “dermatological research”) in Anti-Sebum actually work. Think along the lines of penis pills.

Have you searched our site? This topic has been discussed many times before. It seems the best way to remove them is with a laser treatment. Most men don’t treat them as they are not harmful and nearly everyone has them in some form or another.

Tretinoin is a drug probably not suited for tender penile skin. And it says nothing on that page about treating collections of hardened sebum. I’d say it’s probably not the right medicine for this “problem.”

It’s a scam, I’ve tried it before. Don’t waste your money. All it does is somewhat mask the appearance but as soon as you shower and it wears off it looks the exact same.

Anyone know if Jojoba oil is useful?


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