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Stretching to Relieve Testicle Pain

Stretching to Relieve Testicle Pain

I found this case study and thought it interesting.

I bring this up because for the past few weeks I’ve had pain in my right testicle and, more recently, the areas around it. The nut pain became bad enough that last week I went to the ER to get things checked out without having to wait a long time to find out if something really bad was going on. An ultrasound showed everything basically ok. I have "small bilateral varicoceles." A urinalysis came back fine with no signs of infection. I was referred to a urologist.

The first I had this kind of thing was about a year ago, the summer of 2022. I hadn’t been PEing. Back then, I noticed that my right nut would begin to ache when lying on my stomach in bed. I’d roll over and ignore it. That went on for several months, then relatively suddenly the right testicle pain started bothering me at other times. I remember at its peak I had a hard time bending over to pick things up off the ground. That went for several days. One night while lying in bed I did some stretching of the pelvic area and lower abs (inlcuding the iliopsoas muscles mentioned in the link above). During that I also used my fingers to massage the right side along the lower inguinal area and down along the right side of the CC. When doing that with my fingers there seemed to be some tight areas that were painful in a stinging way when massaged. The next day, my right nut hurt even more than the day before. Then, a day or so later it all completely went away. No more pain. Back to normal. Problem solved. Apparently the stretching and/or massage solved the problem, which surprised me given the intensity of the pain.

Everything there was ok until a couple months ago, when I again noticed that I had some right nut pain when lying on my stomach. I probably should have started stretching again, but I didn’t. About a month ago I noticed a fullness or odd sensation around my right nut when wearing snugger underwear to exercise, sort of like I couldn’t get the right testicle situated to avoid a pressure or tugging type sensation.

The more constant pain began not long after I palpated the right testicle in an effort to determine what may be going on. There was no pain while feeling it, but it started soon after. I felt a slight ridge on the testicle itself. The head of the epididymis is rather large and hard, bigger than the left side, and bigger than I remember it being before. I felt an extra vein or several along the right "cord." That extra vein feels hard to me, like a rubber band. Thrombosed? Hard to say. Not out of the realm of possibility given my history with such things.

I’ve been fairly miserable since. The pain felt in the nut itself is still there, but more recently there is also a more stinging type pain that feels like it goes up the cord but also around the right side of my scrotum and toward my anus. Muscles in the perineum area have become tight. I’m speculating this is in response to the pain.

I’m continuing to stretch, which may be helping some but hasn’t rapidly solved the problem like last year. I notice that my right hip adductor muscles are tight compared to the left. This is consistent with a left AIC pattern (search on left AIC for more info).

One improvement from recent stretching is that my nut pain doesn’t increase when lying on my stomach. That may be a step forward. Also, prior to stretching I noticed that pressure on the external inguinal ring caused pain to shoot from there up toward my right hip. I can now press on that area without such pain.

Several friends have also had issues with nut pain. One has a pretty severe varicocele that may or not be the cause of some problems. He has recently had moderate pain in the perineum that a urologist immediately decided was prostatitis. The urologist prescribed an antibiotic before even getting culture results (which eventually came back negative), and the antibiotic wrecked the guy’s stomach. No impact on the pain. I advised stretching, which helped some. So did warm bath soaks. His problems remain to some extent but have diminished.

Over a decade ago another friend developed severe nut pain. A varicocele was found, and surgery was done to deal with the veins. That didn’t help at all. It was so bad that he asked the doctor to castrate him. The doctor said that wouldn’t help, that he’d still have "ghost pain." He eventually did some stretching, which pretty much solved the problem. I spoke with him today, and he said when he feels twinges of it starting again some stretching settles it down.

While I don’t know exactly what I presently have going on, and can say that so far stretching hasn’t quickly solved it this time, stretching has helped me in the past. It also helped a couple friends, one some and another more. And the guy in the case study linked above had really bad nut pain for a year that was quickly helped by stretching. If you’re dealing with nut, prostate or other pelvic pain, try stretching.

It’s sad how pathetically the allopathic medical establishment addresses this kind of thing, which seems to be very common. They’ll do tests, prescribe antibiotics that most likely won’t do any good, and then do surgery, which again may not do any good. They’ll admit that they can’t explain half or so of the causes of testicle pain but won’t advise stretching or massage techiques that may actually help.

No, anything like that would probably be painful at this point. Stretching muscles around the pelvic region seems to be helping some. I’ve been stretching 3 times per day. First thing in the morning, around mid day, then again just before going to sleep. There has been some improvement.

As for a ball stretcher, mine already tend to hang pretty low at times. My left nut is usually a little lower than my right nut, which is the most common pattern. Lately with this right nut issue sometimes the right nut drops down lower than the left. There is something odd going on with the cremaster muscles, perhaps due to the pain.

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