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3 secs & 5 secs Jelq

3 secs & 5 secs Jelq

After reading some posts, many of you do 5 secs jelq, and last night I tried it. I feel SO MUCH DIFFERENT with the 3 secs jelq. I can REALLY feel more blood flow and harder head, my questions:

1. Why you do less repetitions with 5 jelq?
2. Is 5 secs better than 3 secs since I can feel MORE REAL blood flow?
3. Will 5 secs jelq do any damage or make it more effective? (I really love the feeling with 5 secs jelq)
4. I read somewhere else about Jelq and Hold, that is jelq and hold near the glans for 10 secs, anyone has tried it and what is the result?

Hi Meiya,

1. I’m not sure what you’re asking, but yes, you should probably do fewer repetitions with the 5-second jelqs than you would with the 3-second jelqs. Aim to jelq for a certain amount of time total — for example, 10 minutes, which would be either 200 3-second jelqs or 120 5-second jelqs.

2. If the exercise feels more effective to you, then stick with it :) More blood flow is a good thing and probably means that the 5-second jelqs are more effective for you.

3. Pay close attention for any signs of injury, and you should be fine. There is no reason why 5-second jelqs should be any more dangerous than 3-second jelqs.

4. This “jelq and hold” technique is unnecessary if you are new to PE and may even increase your chances of injury at this stage. Just stick with a normal jelqing and stretching routine for now.

Thank you for your clear explanation, that’s what I really want to know

I don’t even think my dick is big enough to do 5 second jelqs.

19th Feb 2012

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Originally Posted by kingdingaling
I don’t even think my dick is big enough to do 5 second jelqs.

Well, I don’t have big unit too, but what I do is milking slowly so it takes 5 secs from base to glans.

Actually, I do both. It depends on what I feel like doing that particular day. Both the 3 and 5 second Jelqs seem to work for me.

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