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Any way to hit just one side of the shaft?

Any way to hit just one side of the shaft?

Hi all,

I am wondering if there may be a way to make one side of the penis respond without affecting the other side as much.
I have been involved with PE on and off for nearly 20 years (I even had an account here back when DLD was a member!)
Thanks to the great advice and tips I got here back then, I have added some really nice gains.
However, one problem I’ve always had is that the left side cavernosa has always lagged somewhat behind the right side, in both length and girth, and I can’t seem to even things out.
I’m wondering if there’s one method that really stands out for getting to only one side of the shaft.
Can any of the veterans here clue me in as to which method they have seen for helping “even things out”?
Any assistance is really appreciated!

- Staunch

What exercises have you been doing and what is your routine?

I haven’t really had much of a routine in years, other than some light jelqing to maintain the “shower” look.

But back when I was heavily into PE, I got almost all my gains from 2 exercises. By (carefully!) doing erect bends, I got 1 1/4” added to my girth.

I managed to add 2” in BPEL length by simply pushing my erect shaft down and holding it between my legs for as long as I could while in bed at night.

This was all over the course of about a year (I learned both techniques here, by the way!)

I never got any real size results out of stuff like jelqing or stretching or hanging weights, even though I tried them all.

Although I also tried to employ the erect bending and jelquing-to-the-side techniques to correct my shaft symmetry problem, I never managed to even things out.

When one side grew, so did the other. Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone who has had this same one-side-thicker-than-the-other issue has found a solution with a particular exercise or exercises.

I have the same problem. Left cc is smaller than the right. It’s almost as if all my girth gains came in the right cc and my cs.

If I added the same amount of girth to the left, I think I would probably gain at least .25” in overall girth.

Sadly I have yet to figure out how to change it.

Start 8/15/18-BPEL-6.75” MEG-4.625”

2/17/20-BPEL-7.125” MEG-5”

Goal- 8”x5.5”

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