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Can penis head be enlarged

Can penis head be enlarged

Is there anyway to enlarge the head of my penis I mean mine is pretty small more of a cone infact which is quit embarrassing but I have noticed that whilst jelqing the head of my penis becomes quit large and it got me thinking that perhaps I have a blood flow problem or some thing like that I mean even when my penis is fully erect it doesn’t seem to be that hard which is probably down to bad circulation if any one knows a remedy for this it would be greatly appreciated thanks.


There has been a post or two regarding that subject. There is an exercise you do to trap blood in the head and hold it for a count then release. I tried it once and my head was mad sore the next day so I believe it works.

Anyone know of the link?

The ravings of a madman...

I have the same problem that you describe Sacredbeast. When I am fully erect my head is just not hard or expanded. When I jelq or clamp, it fills up nice and gets hard. I have yet to try some viagra or cialis, which I think may help get some blood in there. I have seen no gains in my head.

I think Mirlin is talking about ULIs

Uli’s Routine

Check that link. In the past when I have done them, it feels like my head is going to explode.

Most penis pump suppliers have a “mushroom” tube that’s supposed to help make the head larger.

Hmm. I’m still rather unsure that would work for me. I mean, I’ve done a lot to try to make my glans larger over the years (yes, that has bugged me ever since I turned 13 but I was fine with the length). I’ve seen the diagram on how the glans aren’t directly linked too. And I can feel exactly how the diagram shows. I feel the hard cavernosa under the glans.. Which means my glans are severely underdeveloped. When I do Uli’s (I recently found how I had been doing them without knowing what they we’re! O.o), among other PE’s, the head grows about 2-3 times than usual. So I KNOW it can grow.. But it just doesn’t seem like it wants to.

Here kitty, kitty. :-,

Try this link


Originally Posted by Alice Hooper
Here kitty, kitty. :-,

Try this link


Mew! *Trots up to you, sniffing for a kitty treat*

Actually, that’s the post I was referring to when I talked about seeing a diagram :(

Yep I looked at that too.

In fact, here is the quote to my previous paragraph post:

“I’ve seen the diagram on how the glans aren’t directly linked too.”

Ahhh. But I did not browse the site. http://www.bart … /illus1158.html this seems to contradict the other diagram’s point. You can see that the dorsal vein does indeed provide the blood to the glans. Hmmm.. Then why hasn’t mine.. ? Gah

Now that I’m browsing this site fully, I must admit that I’m confused. Not to mention the fact that I haven’t slept since Saturday.

Kitty, the dorsal vein is just that, a vein. It carries deoxygenated blood away from the glands. The arteries that supply fresh oxygen rich blood to the glands are deep inside the penis. This is how clamping engorges the head. The clamp stops the outflow, but lets you kegel in fresh blood by jelqing the clamp toward the body while erect, clamped and engorged. You are probably too new to all this to be doing any hard clamping, perhaps the hand release Ulis without the Cable Clamps would help you. After you have slowly conditioned the penile tissue to withstand somewhat more aggressive routines I think you will be able to get some head girth this way.

Also, you might look into some supps. L arginine and or its stronger form NOX2 will really open up those arteries and get better blood flow going. See the Digest Project on supplements.


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No Nukes

Thanks. Also, my current ‘restriction’ method isn’t harsh and I don’t plan on going to far over it.

In my intro post, I mentioned not having any money for multivitamins.. That goes for any supplement >_x but I’ll keep those in mind in case I run across a job again. :X

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