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Head Size: Makes All the Difference in the Illusion of Size

Head Size: Makes All the Difference in the Illusion of Size

WOW. I watched a few porns last night, and one was very unique. It was a young girl with a good body getting banged by 2 guys. The guys appeared to be damn near the same girth (shaft). I mean extremely close. Just judging by her finger on each of their shafts.

One of the guys, was probably around 8 inches or so, and the other maybe 7 inches in length. The guy that was 7 inches in length though, sported a monster head. I mean his head was probably 6” in girth, and long too, and very thick at the tip of the head. The 8” guy had a very very small head. Barely filling up with blood, etc. When their dicks were close it appeared that the 7” guy was WAYYYYYYY bigger. I mean it looked like he was twice the size of the 8” guy.

Keep doing your squeezes guys! Head size is so vital.

I’ve always wanted my shaft girth to catch up with me head girth. The difference is about 3/4” and looks like a lollipop. lol.

(BTW, I have voted in your poll :) )

SlamInTheLamb, yeah but see I would do ANYTHING for my head girth to be .75” more than my shaft girth. I mean you have no idea. I have tried so many things and my head girth hasnt budged at all. :(

The grass is always greener…..hehehe.

When I do ULI’s I have to squeeze my head to try and increase the shaft girth or else it looks (and feels) like my head’s gonna explode :bang:

I remember seeing a diagram somewhere on this site that illustrates just that point, WannaBeHung.

Becoming.... Godsize

Slaminthelamb, just curious. What’s your head dimensions (girth, length)?

Brief anatomy lesson

Originally posted by SlamInTheLamb
When I do ULI's I have to squeeze my head to try and increase the shaft girth…

Squeezing the head won’t move blood into the main shaft chambers (the corpora cavernosa, CC). It will move blood into the corpus spongiosum (CS, the ridge on the underside of the shaft). Increased pressure in the CS might enlarge it if the base of the penis is also clamped, but it otherwise is connected to a “reservoir” of blood in the base, called the “bulb” of the penis, which would absorb any increase in pressure. Enlarging the CS may add some to girth, but most girth increases in PE come from enlarging the CC.

Here is a diagram from Gray’s Anatomy showing the two parts of the penile shaft and how they do not share a blood pathway.

So westla what would be the best way to increase glans size?

Tough question

Originally posted by WannaBeHung
So westla what would be the best way to increase glans size?

That’s the $64,000 question.* Many have tried to create exercises that might increase the size and many have had only partial success.

The glans (head) of the penis is connected to the corpus spongiosum (CS) which is connected to the “bulb” of the penis at the base. (See anatomy pic link in my post above.) It’s like one of those thin, long balloons that clowns use to make balloon dogs. You can inflate the tip of those balloons and also inflate the end near the opening then tie it closed. This makes a long tube with two bulges at the ends. The same as your penis. Squeezing one bulb makes the other larger, but when the pressure is released, the original shape is resumed.

How do we get the pressure in only one end to increase and be maintained for a period of time so the tissues react to the expansion and perhaps grow a bit? Here are some exercises that have attempted to do that:

Uli’s original exercise
Sadsack’s routine
Using Bib’s Uli Thing
smj2250’s “head mash”
Some have tried vacuum pumping with a special cylinder.

There was a rather long discussion about this earlier this year. You might want to read it.

One of the main problems seems to be the tissue of the glans itself. It’s very elastic and spongy. It can be maniputated into all kinds of shapes (flattened, ballooned, even twisted) and always returns to its original shape. It also gets very upset if its blood supply is cut off for a long time. It will respond by going white, turning blue, or getting pinprick tingly or any number of other responses. There are lots of tender nerve endings there and a fine network of small blood vessels. It doesn’t like to be messed with.

I’m afraid I don’t have a solid answer. Perhaps a combination of techniques might help, but the glans seems particularly resistant in most men to permanent increases.

*Does anyone get this reference? Look here if you don’t.

I read that whole post that westla linked to. I suffer from the same damn problem, soft head and soft CS. If you were to look at my penis from the side you wouldn’t even be able to see the CS sticking out. Looking at porn those guys CS really sticks out.

Do those with hard glans also have hard CS?

Those with soft glans have soft CS apart from when we come.

I guess the two theories are that it’s bad plumbing or maybe an underdeveloped CS?

I think it’s bad flow caused by an underdeveloped CS. The reason I think this is that I read that when someone was BTB jelqing they would get an increased head size. When I BTB the CS only expands up to about half way up the penis.

What I’ve been doing lately is BTB jelqing but gripping about 1 inch up my penis. This has really been expanding the lower CS. THe other exercise I’ve been doing is gripping below the head, kegelling and gripping at the bottom of the penis with my other hand, then I would slowly bring my hands together mainly on the CS. The point of this exercise is to expand the CS as much as possible.

It’s way to early for any definite results (it’s been about 1 week) but the signs are good so far.

Sounds good Holmsy. I suffer from the same problem, and for the time being I’m resolved to the fact that a cock ring may be the only solution. I’ll have to try your routine though…


I agree fully, my girlfriend has said my cock looks “massive” in the past, merely by the head being more pumped than usual. It really does give the illusion of a much bigger cock.

One tip for increasing head size, or at least getting a better head pump, is to get the erection stood up. This always works for me anyway. When lying down my head size is pretty lame sometimes, but stood up it always seems to get pretty pumped.

PE SMART - Quality is infinitely better than quantity. Monitor your progress. Make changes accordingly.

Try to Jelq with a 90-100% hard on. That is what makes my head so big. LOL. Both of them. Make the blood engorge the head. I have to say that I have always had a mushroom head but since I’ve started PE it has really become pronounced. And yes when you use a cockring it makes the head swell up like a balloon. God I love that ugly cockring. Hope that helps guys.

It can always get bigger right?

wanna, you know you’ve peaked my interest. Was this a video/dvd porn or something found on the net?

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My shaft, and head were pretty well proportioned when I started pe.(but small in my mind) I also could not see my cs in the beginning. I started concentrating on it throughout pe, and I can clearly see my cs now and my head seems longer, and thicker.

p.s, cock rings work really great for equal pressure.

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