Discomfort in Mons Pubis

So I have recently started back with PE a month or so ago. I have noticed within the past 2 weeks that I have this heavy, sometimes tender feeling at the pubic area. I have applied heat, light massage, and naproxen sodium.

My “routine” is: 2 days on/1 day off

10 minute warm up. Heat and gentle massage
4 direction stretch. 15 second hold. 2 sets.
Wet Jelq: 10-12 minutes with EQ at 50%
O-Bends: 20 second hold. 2 sets with EQ at 30-40%
Warm Down.

Could the discomfort be caused by the routine or is more likely from something else? Has anyone had a similar feeling? Also, is naproxen what I should be taking since it reduces inflammation?