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Does larger girth inhibit length gains

Does larger girth inhibit length gains

Hi Everyone

This is my first post. I’ve been a member here at Thunder’s for a while now, and really enjoy reading through the threads. Shamefully, I’ve never really committed serious time and energy to PE so I haven’t really seen results except for more defined vasculature. That’s my own fault and I have no doubt that just sticking to the newbie routine would give me good results. I just lack dedication, but seeing as I’m overcoming the daunting first step of posting I guess I must finally be getting serious.

I generally feel like I have a good grasp on beginner’s theory but there’s something I’ve been thinking about lately to do with what steps I should take when I finally get through the newbie routine (although I realise I should stick with the newbie routine until it stops working). My stats are 7 inches BPEL and 4.675 inches EG. Now, my BPFSL regularly gets to around 8 inches, and I figure that there’s such a difference in erect length and flaccid stretched length because my girth is slightly below average (as well as the fact that an engorged penis has diminished elasticity), so for lack of a more appropriate word I think that there’s more “give” than if my penis was thicker.

This leads to my question; is it easier for gain length with a thinner penis?

I would assume it is, due to the fact that there’s less tissue area being rebuilt, so it should heal faster but I would like to hear other people’s thoughts.

The reason I’m asking this is because I think it would be more difficult to get the same level of stretch from a thicker penis and as such, it would be more difficult to reach a length goal. I don’t think I’m explaining this very well, so I think an example would be helpful.

Example: Suppose there are two guys, they both have a 6 inch BPEL, but they have different girth measurements, one being 4.75 inches EG while the other is 5.5. They both follow the newbie routine for three months. Who gains the greatest length?

I would think the guy with the thinner penis would. I therefore think that it makes sense to concentrate mainly on length gains after the newbie routine due to the fact that girth gains would make it increasingly difficult to make length gains, whereas I see no reason why length gains would inhibit girth.

Of course I could be totally wrong. This is very much speculative, and without actually conducting a clinical trial will remain that way, but I very much respect the opinions of the Thunder’s Faithful and wonder if there’s any prevalent view on the topic that I’m not aware of.

All theories are welcome. Thanks in advance.

You have expressed the prevalent view, and the logic behind it, quite well. :up:

Welcome to the posting side the forum, lecompte. Hope to see more of you. :)

Here’s one thread on the subject at hand (there are several):

Is it true the girth gains hinder length gains?

That sucks. Perhaps this is why I’ve had such trouble getting length gains. My girth is too big.

Wow, that was fast!

Thanks for the thread Cheeva. This is exactly what I was getting at. I probably should have just done a search for this myself.


Maybe it is the reason, but don’t worry about it. I’m sure you can get the length you want through persistence. I doubt I would have even thought of this if my girth was big. I’d probably be too busy telling everyone how thick my penis is.

It is the general consensus that length will be harder to come by given a large starting girth, like stretching a thick elastic band against a thin one. All theroetical I suppose but logical nonetheless.

If you are looking to increase BOTH dimensions, go for length first - just to be on the safe side. ;)

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Yeah, I’m looking for both dimensions, but I’ll complete the newbie routine before I go looking specifically for length gains. It is nice to have a good idea of where I should be going in order to maximize my gains though. Thanks drilla

I generally agree with the principle length is easier to gain than girth and a thinner penis can gain length more easily, that is basic theory.

HOWEVER, I could be regarded as thicker like in the example given, 5.75”x5.25”, yet I have seen great gains, I’m sure more than guys with the same starting length but who are thinner. So I think many other factors are in play here.

Ligament tightness (exit point), erection angle and LOT seem potential theories to indicate if you will gain quickly, or not, not just basic girth vs length.

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My starting penis diameter is just over 2”. It doesn’t seem like I’m going to gain much length. I guess this is why. I would just want over half an inch in length to bring me above the 7” mark. Is that possible without hanging or devices with my large girth?

Crow- what is your girth circumference- the penis isn’t a perfect circle, so diameter is a less useful measurement.

Gents- you cannot compare your response with another PEers and expect any quantifiable answers- the best you can do is to compare it to averages/ means and work forward from there to craft a regimen that gets the response you desire.

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My girth is about 5.75”

Your girth is pretty healthy- definitely Magnum territory.

Anything is possible- stretching is stretching- I’d jelq first to stress the tissues then focus on stretching for length.

Girth won’t prevent hanging or other modalities- why do you want to avoid them?

WE are the 99% 'WE are the people you depend on; we cook your meals, we haul your trash, we connect your calls. We drive your ambulances. We guard you while you sleep. Don't f&ck with us'-- Madame DeFarge

"Rope trades @$10 a yard. I wonder if they even know that?"- Capitalist

I’m trying to avoid discoloration(heard that it happens through hanging alot). And it seems like it’s an injury waiting to happen.

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