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fantastic avatars


fantastic avatars

I have just been using this site for about a month (wish I had discovered it 10 years ago). I notice some of the members have some fantastic avatars to go with their user names.

I am a fairly new computer user and just have advanced just beyond the turning off and on mode.
I was able to follow the instructions to get to the SETTINGS AND OPTIONS place but am stuck at that point.

I would really appreciate if someone would help me find sites where these avatars could be found and then maybe some simple instructions on how to get them from the site onto this site.

Hairyballs, when ever, where ever you come across a picture on the internet if you right click your mouse, on the picture, you should see a list of options, one of which will allow you to save the picture to a folder on your hard disk.(I think it’s the “save picture as” option)

Once you have a copy of the pic on your computer you will need to use some picture editing software to crop the part you want and then resize it. Thunders has a 100x100 pixel limit for atavars and a 800x600 limit for pics.

Hope that helps.

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Hairyballs, welcome. Some other thoughts on the avatars. Check out google images, or yahoo images. Then key in what image you might want. There’s thousands and thousands to from which to choose. Good luck.

p.s. you live in one of the most gorgeous areas on earth. My son and I went vagabonding and beachcombing in B.C. a few years ago. Just got in the car (starting in Blaine, WA) and drove. It was incredible.

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Thanks for help and I’m almost there. The image that I want to use is now on my picture. But I am not sure how to get it to the site from my computer. (Told you I was compter illiterate)

Awesome! good avatar.

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Hey I did it. Just noticed I have an image beside my last entry up above. Dont ask me how I did it. Thanks for helpful advice even if I’m not sure how it happened.

Welcome aboard hairyballs. Enjoy your stay.

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Great aviator, I also just picked one. Mine is chosen because I am going to have a son in about a month.

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Thanks clgpalmer. I know that I am blessed to be living where I am. I hope you had the pleasure of taking the ferry from Vancouver to Vancouver Island. We call it God’s country. Moved to the island a dozen years ago and no regrets.

Hey harryballs your avator looks nice, I’m curious where your junk is heading to? South-east Asia ocean? Then drop by my place ok? LOLZ..

SLY, yours looks great, funny and crazy! Keep it dude.



7 x 6 EG is perfect!

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Originally Posted by SlackJawedYokel
Avatars rule!

I’m thinking of changing mine though… .

I think it’s great! Did you do the artwork yourself?

How the hell was hairyballs as a user name still avalible after all these years? Good name, nice aviator as well.

I found my aviator with a google image search. Under “retarded faces”

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