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Flaccid hang really growing

Flaccid hang really growing


My flaccid hang seems too good to be true. I looked at my starting photo (which I highly recommend everyone to have) of my flaccid, and it REALLY is different. I seemed to have gained 3/4 of an inch in flaccid hang in a little over two months upon measuring on a whim. This is crazy! My erect lengths don’t change as quickly thus far, but wow, the flaccid hang seems to be changing by the day so far.

How much does one’s flaccid to erect length ratio change as one grows? It seems my flaccid hang will grow three times longer than my erect length. Although I know it will change with time, how much hang should I expect given my goal of 8” BPEL?

Starting Stats: 6" bpel x 5.5" eg Current Stats (2nd length goal MET!): 7.0" bpel x 5.5" eg 2nd Goal: 7.5" bpel x 5.75" eg BIG Goal: 8.0" bpel x 6.5" eg

I’m sure that’s different for each guy. My flaccid changed the same amount as my erect length (one inch) before I stopped active PE. Regardless, congratulations on your improvement!

Yeah, it’s bound to vary amongst guys. I don’t know if there is a typical ratio for most guys, or not. I’ve gained a bit over 2 inches flaccid and a bit over 1 inch erect. So westla’s ratio is 1:1, but mine has been 2:1.

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