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Gel pad for warm up

Gel pad for warm up


This is my first post. Only because there’s so much good information here I haven’t needed to. After 8 months PE mostly newbie routine. Though I’m not very consistent, I am getting encouraging gains.

I just wanted to let people know gel packs, the kind made for warming sports injuries that you heat in the microwave, are the best thing I’ve found for warm up and keeping warm during stretches. I find it so much easier and effective than a wet flannel. Plus I can do PE anywhere, at the computer or even in bed. Just heat it and tuck in in my underpants and I get a really good warm up of penis and the ligaments. Saves time too (I’ve found making time for PE an issue) both on the warm up and warm down.

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Yes I used gel pads for several years but found that after about 6-8 weeks the gel breaks down.

I was buying several a year. I found a better type of heat pad made of soft clay. It doesn’t deteriorate and I think it retains heat longer.

It even costs less than gel pads.

Are you talking about the microwave clay heating pad?

I have one and absolutely love it.

I’ve been wetting down a towel and then putting in the microwave for a couple of minutes, works like a charm.

Not very efficient when I don’t have the privacy which has led to me having to stay up into late night to do my PE :)

Got a name for that clay-thingy?

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Hi everyone

I just learn a way to warm up more cheaper than gel packs. Just put a bunch of rice in a sock (like your punch maybe a little less). Warm in a microwave during one or one and a half maybe two minutes (if you can hold it that hot good, if not put it just right on the top of your underwear) It´s going to keep warm for a very long.. Hope someone find this suggest helpfull. Rewards people.

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I use gel pads and yes they work really well. I managed to get boxes of two recently from Lidl’s here in the UK for just 99p, a bargain!

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I use a clay-filled microwavable heating pad as well called the “Thermipaq”. It comes in a 6” x 12” size and heats much more evenly and conforms much better than a rice sock. It has held up very well thus far.

I use a ziplock, put in warm water and tada, i got me a heating pad. Its free and it stays warm for 20 minutes, if it gets cold, just refill or reheat in microwave(refilling is way easier)

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Thanks for all the replies.

I haven’t had mine for 6 weeks yet so I’ll have to see how it lasts.

The clay Thermipaq sounds good. A quick Google shows they are available in the UK. Does anyone know who retails them here or will I have to buy on line. (That’s assuming my gel pack conks out (though two for 99p does sound tempting.))



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I’m glad I found this thread. I’ll look into the different methods talked about here alternative to pouring a kettle over a face flannel.

I’m going to be in hospital for a medical trial soon maybe and may use a gel pad in there. My question is, is how hot does a gel pad go if I warm it on my body or under a hot tap? And is the heat from a gel pad hot enough to properly warm the penis satisfactorily?

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I just ordered 2 of these..

http://just99.c … CFYMewwodbL0AKg

2 warm up gloves, 99p each, with P&P comes to about £4.95. Need to boil in water, then press a metal button inside to warm up instantly. I’ll see how it goes with these, let you know if they heat me adequately or not.

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