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How long before you notice veins


How long before you notice veins

Hi there iv just a got a short question. How long was it for all of you to recognise your 1st new veins on your penis? I suppose that as soon as I start seeing veins then everything’s going good and effective. Thanks.

Oh yeah sorry for that mistake, it’s not the end of the world though :) lol

No why would I want to do that?? lol only joking


Use spell check before posting, it saves one from future embarrassment, I speak from experience. I assume you are doing the “newbie” routine, within weeks of initial conditioning you should notice increased vascularity.

Oh right thanks for the info Highrise:) and ill defonately start using spell check aswell

Oh sorry iv had a few of beers with my friends so I’m acting a bit like a fool at the minute, I thought I was spelling everything correctly? Please don’t ban me because this sites so cool

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
When are you going to start using the spell check? You waiting for me to put your account on hold before you do? That can be arranged very easily.

Sheesh! Thunder, did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed.

Gardenia, use the dam spell check or I will put you in time out. Dammit! Really, it is quite simple. besides, if you read the forum guidelines you should know all this by now.

Now then, let talk to you question. We are all different, okay? You may never see any increase in viens at all, you may get some really huge ones. It may be next month or next year. My suggestion is to be consistent with your PEing and you may see what your progress will be in the future. Just take your time.

Thunder, what fucking time is it? Gardenia has already had a few beers. maybe he should register with AA.

It could ne a bad thing to see veins man , I had a big one on the shaft before starting PE ,when I started It grew really bid and I even strarted to see the veins that go out of the big one.Then I read on the internet that if you see veins on the top they are thrombosed ones and it can cause problems later.So I stopped PE but the veins on the top are still there - I really wonder - Is it a good or a bad thing though.

Seeing veins “on the top” doesn’t mean you have thrombosed veins. Your dick has veins all over it. Check some of the anatomy links in my signature.

And the spell check will help you with your English chrono, although you are doing better than the original poster already.

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