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Who has found that gains come easier after a long lay off?

Who has found that gains come easier after a long lay off?

After reading Wadzilla’s recent posts on deconditioning and gains, I am considering a rather long (3 to 4 week) layoff from all PE (complete abstinence from ALL PE) in order to jump start my gains, which have seriously stalled in recent months.

To that end, I ask any and all vets who have taken long layoffs form PE to describe their gains after the layoff. For how long did you abstain and what were your gains like afterwards?

Thanks in advance for sharing your knwoledge.

Hi Metal Ed

I am not a Pe veteran, because I PE like 7 months or so now, but I gotta say that all the gains I had were visible after the lay offs. I dont know the exact reason, but I was seeing that in the period when I am doing PE exercises my erections are not like 100%. I can have a good hard one, but when I laid off PE for some time and then got a bonner it got back to that 100% and then I measured and I definitely saw that I gained in that period. It came to that funny situation when I was doing my PE constantly and was measuring frequently but there werent any gains. So in one moment I actually considered to stop PE which Idid for like 3 weeks or 1 month. But then one day I had this huge erection and just out of curiosity measured it and man I was really surprised, BECAUSE I GAINED. So for me layoffs I think are the good thing. I think in the layoff period the cells recovered completely and the gains came with it. These are my thoughts on the subject.


My guess is that a week or two is sufficient. I first noticed this when vacationing with family - PE was out because of privacy issues. Came back home and, Hello?!



Ive had experience with a very long term 16 year layoff from PE and was previously over 9x7 and the results of inactivity were not very positive otherwise I would not be here :) Funny but I came across this thread just as Ive finished taking a short term 4 week layoff from PE as a result of my curiosity about this layoff theory. I will know soon enough how effective this small layoff is as I closely monitor my results in the coming weeks.

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I took a semester(few months) off from PE and started back up cause I no longer have a roomate and it seems to have helped me, I gained a quarter inch in stretch length but before I took a PE break I was still gaining.

Hopefully I make some big gains cause of the break, I’ll see.

So I can’t be for sure it helps but I think it does help.

Strategic Deconditioning ?

The same applies to lifting and must be something that can be used for all the tissues in the human body.

HST uses this principle and I can say it’s the most effective form of bodybuilding I ever tried in my ten years of training.

check this out :

“4) Strategic Deconditioning
At this point, it is necessary to either increase the load (Progressive load), or decrease the degree of conditioning to the load (Strategic Deconditioning). The muscle is sensitive not only to the absolute load, but also to the change in load (up or down). Therefore, you can get a hypertrophic effect from increasing the load from a previous load, even if the absolute load is not maximum, assuming conditioning (resistance to exercise induced micro-damage) is not to extensive. There is a limit to the number of increments you can add to increase the load. You simply reach your maximum voluntary strength eventually. This is why Strategic Deconditioning is required for continued growth once growth has stopped (all things remaining equal). “

I know, the penis is not a muscle and lalala but don’t you think it makes a little sense.

btw, read up on HST if you like on this site (not selling anything here, site’s free anyway)

Tell me what you think ?

going for the 8x7 !!!

From my experience i’m also a believer that breaks are a benefit for gains.
Last summer after a 5 months workout i took a 1 month break in sep.
I noticed a 0.25” gain in erect length after 4 weeks layoff.
I will continue taking breaks every 4-5 months workout.
A 3 to 4 weeks layoff is perfect.


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Hobby has said that a break always worked well for him. I believe YGuy is of the same opinion. I know that in the past, I’ve missed as much as 2-3 months at one time with no PE whatsoever (not by choice, actually), and I think I did gain after returning.

It’s just psychologically tough to do so. Also, I’ve found this same reluctance on behalf of many gym trainees. They just can’t do it. Even when a mild injury or flu keeps them away for a week or two, and they come back & hit a few solid gains, they just can’t voluntarily repeat that layoff.

When encountering a plateau, almost all of us immediately reach for the advanced shit, up the intensity severely, then cross our fingers. It’s almost like an instinct - but it often doesn’t pan out. I’m going to extend my break, then come back *almost* like a newbie (can’t actually be a newbie again, of course, unless you’ve taken a very long time off - probably years, and I’m sure not planning a break of that long).

Whatever the underlining principle of PE “gains” really is, it’s probably safe to assume that there’s some kind of “trauma” occurring (whether or not it’s “microtears,” for example) - especially with girth/impaction exercises. I’m wondering perhaps if impaction should be done only every other workout, where as tractile moves could be done each session.

Either way, I’m going to attempt to replicate my early workouts - which were every other day & always included hot wraps (before, during & after) each session. I’m just going to use a little more advanced stretching exercises (Fulcrum Tunica pulls, A-Stretches, & maybe some bundled pulls). I was thinking of doing that DLD Pulse 110 Stretch with a heating pad directly on my base/pubis area. But I’ll go back to wet jelqs, which I believe are less traumatic than dry jelqs (which I haven’t been doing lately), and I’m going to start with a low number again - like my buddy did who gained 2” EL, maybe around 100-150 or so, 3-5 seconds each stroke.

I’ll check my progress each month, and if I haven’t gotten at least 0.2” in the next couple months, I may seriously take a very long layoff - maybe 6 months to a year.

It's freakin' 2 degrees F here - not counting the wind chill. I hate this shit!

I’ve taken more than a year off twice. It is like starting over again each time I came back to PE.


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I have gained just over 1/8” in the last 2 weeks after a month of very light stretching. I got an injury so had to go easy. Felt like I was starting out all over again, though I am still pretty much a newbie, started in sep 03 at 6.5” measured just over 7.25” yesterday.

The "average size" is usually over-estimated. Small guys don't take part in surveys and big guys jump at the chance.

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What if you could get around plateaus by doing medium intensity and medium weight and then take a day off..
Here’s what I’m doing and it’s only been a week and my flacid length is through the roof, I havent measured erect because I just like how it looks, last time I measures bone press erect was 8 inches on a good day.

This is my new routine because manual stretching was pissing me off and I stopped feeling fatigue after 4 months of not really gaining anything and wanting to quit,,,I feel this is a safe routine and could work for people that have a stubborn penis.

Warm up, 15 mins haning 6-7 lbs, 15 mins off.I do a solid hour of hang time then one day off , but some light manual stretching whenever I feel like it, I’m sure not to put stress on it, just stretch it out so it heals strait or whatever.I also stopped masturbating (I’m very diciplined and in this for the long run)

I also have a theory that you won’t see much in the way of erect length untill your flacid lenght surpasses your erect length.may not be true, but I’ve been gaining flacid length and not much EL..

I hope this helps someone

I also want to ask a question but it says I can’t.does hanging decrease erect girth? Like has anyone gained girth without jelquing.not a fan of it

No, hanging doesn’t decrease erect girth; it happens to many to gain base erect girth, actually.

Not that this is a problem, but have you noticed that you are answering to a 4 years old post?

Also, since we are speaking, take a minute to check the Forum Guidelines about capitalitation etc..

I took a three month hiatus and have been back on for two weeks now. Great EQ so far and I’ll be interested to see if I get any Newbie Gains again!

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