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How many guys do PE keep bothering me

How many guys do PE keep bothering me

I have started PE not long ago but that question keep bothering me: how much from the population do PE (in percentages) I mean who doesn’t want a bigger penis and would not make effort for it?

Sorry for my English.

How many guys work out and get in great shape? PE takes discipline; I imagine the population if everyone knew would hover around that.


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It’s probably far far less than guys that workout their muscles. Yes a some do but I would expect we are still talking single digit percentages that even try it seriously for a full month. Then very very few who actually see it through to any gains. That may change, but for now I think this is a pretty small population. Just look here at thunder’s place. It’s a very popular website for “this thing” but the actualy numbers compared to 6 BILLION people is very very tiny.

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Also, of all the members, I am sure that some just join then give up for one reason or another, so I would agree on not many people, I am sure there are more people that take the pills to make it bigger though.

PE requires time, dedication, desire, privacy, and a healthy life style for it to be effective.

How much of the population fits that description? And how much of that small percent has stumbled upon PE and decided to take it seriously?

In terms of world population I am betting that it is under one one-thousandth of a percent considering that two thirds of the world has a hard time staying alive, much less has the time to pull on their wiener for an hour a day.

If we want to only talk about tier one countries (USA, Canada, the EU, a few countries in South America) in which people would have the inclination and time for such a thing I am willing to bet that it is still below .5 %.

Now, if you want to narrow it down even more to the people who are sexually active, inclined to worry about something like dick size, and have the time and dedication to make it work ( ie. the people you are competeing with to pick up that hot chick at the bar ) then the number gets higher.

There are plenty of pay sites out there. If you really wanted to find out you could probably find the total number of subscriptions to those sites, the number of subscriptions to sites like TP, and so on, and get a reasonable approximation of how many people know / care.

There are probably internet polls too, but those are naturally biased because anyone who stumbled upon an internet PE poll is probably already inclined to be inquisitive into the subject.


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How many guys do PE


Et... la nuit se continue. C\'est vrai. Elle est complètement dechirée - ma tête.

The better question would be how many guys have a bigger dick than you…who cares if it’s from PE or not. You can find some decent statistics on penis size.

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