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6 Month of PE: The bottom line


6 Month of PE: The bottom line

Hi guys,

first of all, I would like to thank Thunder and all of you guys who contribute to this truly great forum. I’ve learned alot about PE and all the gains have kept me motivated throughout the past half year.

For those of you that expect a revolutionary excercise or size claim - I sadly need to disappoint. The intention of this thread is to share with you all my past experiences and my leassons learned. Hopefully, some of you guys can benefit from this post, as I have benefited from all of your posts.

I started out in January 05 measuring 5.9” BPEL and 5.1” EG. In the first weeks I read the forum close to all day long, neglecting some of the very important things in my life (e.g. job, etc.). I could not take my mind off this topic and couldn’t wait till I was able to do my PE exercises.

Fortunately, I’ve made some good gains ever since, currently I measure arround 6.75” BPEL and 5.5” EG. But, I have been stuck with that size for more than 2 month now - no change what so ever. That’s a pitty, but from my point of view: “Better stuck at 6.75” BPEL than still being at my initial 5.9” BPEL

This brings me to the main subject I would like to share my experience with you guys: ATTITUDE.

I’ve read so many threads from vets preaching that perseverance, constistency and other characteristics are key to making substantial gains. This is how I deal with the issue (because it truly is not easy to do something without seeing immediate results) and I know, I will hang onto doing this persistently for the next month and/or years, whatever it will take me to achieve my goals.

First of all, PE needs to fit into your lifestyle, thus finding a balance of PE and other activities during your day is key. For me this means that I will do PE whenever possible. I do not follow a strickt 6 on 1 off schedule or anything alike. I do PE on days that I can do PE. Sometimes my workload doesn’t allow me to do my routine, sometimes my girlfriend happens to be with me. Both reasons for not doing PE are higher prioritized than PE - so, PE comes in third place. But nonetheless, I still do PE on average 3-5 days a week. But more importantly, it naturally fits into my lifestyle. PE doesn’t interfere with other activities, thus a natural balance is found.

Secondly, I have been stuck with my size for more than two month now. As stated above, its a pitty, but still better being stuck at my current size than being at my initial size. So what am I saying ? My attitude as completely changed from where I began. I do not compare recent one month gains to the prior month. In contrary, I compare my current size to my starting stats and this always gives me a positive difference. Consequently, mentally, I am very rarely frustrated about PE and my stagnating or zero gains from one period to the other. If I hadn’t started this whole venture, I’d still be stuck 3/4” less than today.

Thirdly, I focus on quality rather than quantity during routines. How proud was I in the beginning having done 500 jelqs per day ? Very. But whenever in time constraints, I rushed through the routine doing half-hearted jelqs. From my current perspective, I could have taken those days off because half-hearted jelqs are as beneficial as no jelqs. Therefore, I stopped taking time and stopped counting reps. I do quality jelqs and stretches as long as they are of high quality and/or time permits. On some days, I can do more, on others less.

Fourthly, I have built a model (from paper rolls) with the size of my goal (8X6) that I want to achieve. It helps me visualize what I want to look like in the future and keeps me focused. A tremendous mental help for me.

Lastly, I do not lurk arround the forum all day questioning other peoples size claims, whether pics are photoshoped or whatever. I’d rather save that time for excercise because that is the only way that MY dick is going to become larger. Furthermore, claims of others keep me motivated to continue and I am happy for every person gaining. But I will definitely not waste my time questioning things, etc. because it will not help me with my goals.

Sorry for the lengthy read. I hope some of you guys can benefit from my experience. At least in my case, I can certainly say that I will stick to PE for whatever time it takes to reach my goal (except if other activities will be rated higher priority in the future - who knows).

Wish you guys all the best,


Yeah finding a balance between life and PE is a never ending battle. Keep us up to date if your able to gain with your workout schedule I have a feeling you may have to take it up to at least 4 days a week but I hope I’m wrong.

At the very least you are not going to lose any gains. Good luck

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

If you’ve gradually increased your workload, but you still don’t see any gains in another month or two - take a break. A complete, deconditioning break - cold turkey, for at least 4-6 weeks, minimum.

Then start again - but not at the same level you left off. Comeback well below. It’s been my experiences that such breaks (even if you lose a tiny bit of size) result in a renewed size gain. If you’re 6.75, a 4-6 week break, followed by a return with gradual intensity could possibly get you to 7” in within your first few weeks back.

I think a little deconditioning break is good as well. Although my girth was increasing just prior to my break (4-6 weeks). I recently restarted, at a less intense routine, 300 jelqs instead of the 500-600 that i was up to in April. I did lose 1/8 inch in girth, probably not cemented. I began back with a 5on 2 off thing including, 300 jelqs, 50 SSJ, 10 ULI’s, and lots of balloning in between sets of 100 jelqs, I am also doing 3x10 min clamping with some erect bends. Within 10 days my girth was back to 5.3. I also began using my Peni-master, for 3-4 hour a day, this is the most i can fit into the day between work, the wife, and the kids. I recently hit a new BPEL of 7.6 inches, thats .9 increase since i began in Nov, of 04. I think the break had alot to do with my EL increase. If I can hit 8 EL X 5.5EG by christmas, I will be content. I also think i am going to start pumping again. The stretch, i believes make gains come easier.

Just my .02

Thanks guys for all your advice. I was considering a deconditioning break as well. But I never actually thought it were applicable for me since I have just done 6 month of PE.

Do you guys still think that it might be appropriate for me with just having 6 month of PE done ??

Originally Posted by mrdstein
Better stuck at 6.75” BPEL than still being at my initial 5.9” BPEL

Indeed. Another thing I have discovered: there are lots of other major benefits from PE - beter erections and better orgasms being two. If I had not found PE, I would not have found edging or ballooning for example, and these have given me great pleasure. Apart from the size gains, my dick is a better dick than it was pre-PE, and this site has helped greatly with that.

Having said all that, here’s to the next inch, eh?

Excellent post, mrdstein.

Originally Posted by mrdstein
Thanks guys for all your advice. I was considering a deconditioning break as well. But I never actually thought it were applicable for me since I have just done 6 month of PE.

Do you guys still think that it might be appropriate for me with just having 6 month of PE done ??

Since your past newbie gains you could take a break and than start again but if it was me in your shoes I wouldn’t I would try to find one more day to workout. I now have my workout down to 5 or 6 days a week and never longer than 45 minutes a workout soon I think I will try to get it down to 30 minutes.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Nice idea about making a model. I just made a 8.5 X 6.25 out of a paper towel tube, some paper towel, and some tape. That is a f*cking big dick. But, it’s what I want, so, time to put the clamp back on.

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Ike that picture is hillarious lol

I’m new to pe, but it does make sense to take breaks every now and then because your body gets used to it and if you take a break and come back to it, it will be a shock again to your penis and it wil respond better. I kinda think of it how they explain taking creatine, take it for 6-8 weeks, take a week off and start your cycle again since your muscles get used to the amount and don’t react to it as a shock. Just my thoughts.

When you construct a model from a paper towel roll, is that the size of the entire penis, from tip to base? Or is the girth of the roll the same as what the girth of the shaft is supposed to be?

If it’s the latter, then what about the head of the penis? I would assume the head would have to be at least a half-inch bigger around to look in proper proportion with what a “normal”-shaped penis would be, right?

Like, if the paper towel roll has a girth of 6”, then the head would have to be HUGE in order for it to look right.

I think the glans grows right along with everything else in the process of enlarging, so lucky for us then. At least mine does. Plus, I don’t believe in glans-only-training. That would be like working out your forearms. Why bother? They get plenty of work from every other exercise you do, there’s no need to really isolate them, unless you’re goin’ for the Popeye look. I think the same goes for the glans. It grows along with everything else, as one.

Whenever I look at one of those paper towel roll models, it throws me off that there’s no head on them. I get confused when people say “this is how big I want my dick to be”, because I don’t know if they mean that’s how big they want their shaft to be, or if the head is part of it, or maybe it’s just assumed that it’s there and slightly bigger than the shaft.

Eh, whatever. Just wondering.


This is one of the more motivational postings I’ve read. Stories and pics of personal gains are inspiring, but keeping a balanced approach is necessary for the long haul. What you wrote is “article quality” in my opinion. It’s the sort of article that should be mandatory reading for newbies and experienced PE-er’s alike.

PS—For those not inspired by a paper towel core, try adding a head to it with paper mache. Shoot, why not add some balls!? Then try explaining your art project to those who see it. “This represents the driving force of nature… yada yada yada.”

I stumbled upon this thread when searching, and read it all. I’m sorry about bumping an old thread, but I’m very interested in how it went for you, now, more than 2 years later. I saw you had no statistics at Thunders.

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