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Only one month at it and I’ve injured myself

Only one month at it and I’ve injured myself

Hello All,
I’ve been lurking at this great forum for about 2 months and PEing for just over a month. Well here’s my story. I’m 46, married 19 years, in good health and physically active. I’ve never had much concern about penis size and have always considered myself “average” although an inside joke between my wife and I is “Honey, I wish I had a Cock!, but I only have a penis”. As it turns out I was in a good place to start with 7” ELBP and 5.25” EG.

I love my wife and enjoy being with her, we talk and call each other everyday, we cuddle a lot, we enjoy doing many of the things any couple enjoys, but we exist in a sexless marriage (another story for another time). I mentioned this because in a way that’s how I ultimately ended up at Thunder’s. We are on totally different circadian rhythms; she’s early to bed, early to rise and I’m pretty much an insomniac so I spend a lot of time surfing the net at night.

Needless to say I masturbate quite a lot usually using porn for stimulation. It’s such a turn-on for me to see those female pros handle a huge cock like they do, but that probably goes without saying. I’ve always heard about PE and vaguely remember watching with interest a show (maybe HBO Real Sex?) with some guy talking about and demonstrating PE and his reasons for doing it. Well one night I Googled, you guessed it, “penis enlargement” I purveyed the multitude of pay sites, which didn’t interest me, but eventually led me here.

Still a little skeptical, I started reading through the threads on this site. It didn’t take long to see how professional and honest the people are here and the breadth of PE knowledge available. I was convinced that PE is for-real. I read new member instructions, newbie forum and other pertinent threads and did searches for hours before attempting PE. I started with the typical newbie program of warm wrap, manual stretching and dry jelqing. Within three weeks I added 1/4” in length and maybe 1/8” inch in girth. Amazing! Not only did I have measurable gains, my penis just felt thicker and heavier in my hands.

I started clamping at the beginning of the fourth week. The first time was only for a few short minutes and I was very cautious, but WOW what an erection, I mean my penis looked bigger than it ever had, not only that, my erection was rock hard and lasted like that for at least 30 minutes (I was edging a little to keep it that way). Afterwards I didn’t feel any ill effects. I was hooked on clamping. Well folks, this is where it all started to go wrong for me and I have nobody to blame but myself. Despite all that I’ve read about being cautious and diligent my obsessive nature took over.

On day two of clamping I went for 3 sets of 3-5 minutes. In between sets I would perform some erect but light jelqing to keep things going the results we’re still great although I didn’t quite get that same experience I had the first time. After the second day workout my penis still felt fine but more fatigued than before. I didn’t perform PE on the third day. On day four I did pretty much the same routine as day two, but added some squeezes as well. Again everything seemed to be going OK, but hind-site being what it is there was some discoloration present, but no numbness or other indicators of damage.

Day five is when I did myself in. I clamped for three sets of 5 minutes or more with squeezes of up to one minute. The whole time I never really achieved the same powerful erection I had the first two days and I couldn’t keep it that way after I unclamped. Another problem for me this day was I was in the beginning stages of the flu. After that session I could never get a complete erection, but chalked that up to being sick. That was Monday.

Tuesday I was sick as a dog. So again I just assumed my erection problem was associated with my illness. I still achieved a couple of partial erections that day. By Wednesday I noticed some pronounced numbness around the base and even though I felt much better could not even get a partial erection. At one point I could visibly see my penis shrivel up and turn a lavender almost white color. It was completely flaccid. I was very concerned at this point and about to drive to the nearest emergency room.

There is some irony to this day. My wife, who is a registered nurse, returned home from her two day trip with some girlfriends and I asked her if I should go to the ER. In her opinion, I still have good blood flow due to the color and temperature of my penis and it didn’t warrant a trip to the ER. I did, however, have to explain how I got myself into this predicament. To my surprise she was very supportive (of my immediate situation). She did ask me to not attempt PE anymore, but also felt the condition would resolve itself. One positive note is while she was examining me I was able to achieve a partial erection and my penis has stayed plump and warm.

At the time of this writing my symptoms are that most of the numbness has given way to kind of a dull pain which is further localized to the base at the visible delineation of the scrotal sack on the left side. I have no problem urinating, but still am unable to achieve an erection although I’m not really trying and probably shouldn’t push it at this point. I’ve been keeping my penis in a vertical orientation and massaging the effected area lightly. Color and temperature appear normal. I do occasionally feel pressure at or near the affected area almost like the sensation of the beginning of an erection.

Thunder feel free to use my story as a case study of what happens when you get careless and over zealous. I feel optimistic at this point that I will recover and continue PE with a new outlook. I welcome anyone’s thoughts or comments and will keep you up to speed on my recovery.

Wow. That’s what you call being zealous for gains. Sorry to hear about the injury johnson-nixson. Just take it easy for a while. The human body is a wonderful thing, it will repair itself. I would probably massage it every so often to keep the blood flowing as much as possible.

I never do girth exercises on back to back days for just that reason. I do a pretty intense clamping routine myself and I am never ready to clamp again the day after. I have found that this approach has worked (for me anyway) and worked well. I don’t know if your are going to attempt to get back into it (personally it would take me a while :) ), but you may want to try spacing out your clamping routine. Like you said hind-site makes us all geniuses.

Good luck to you. Hope all goes well. Keep us updated with your recovery progress.


Man I’m just too scared to do stuff like clamping, squeezes and erect jelquing. I hear so much already about that shit being sketchy so I won’t even go there. I’m hoping my play-it-safe routine of warm wraps, stretches, dry jelqs and wet jelqs is adequate enough to provide me the gains I wish to reach. As a suggestion to any of us noobzors out there, don’t do any wacked out things with your cock until your absolutely 100% sure you know what your doing.

Very wise statement Mr. Dongers. And even when you are 100% sure you are ready, question yourself, and then take it slow.


Here’s an update on my condition.
Things seem to have returned to normal after a couple of days. I still have a little discomfort around the base, but have been able to achieve a few good erections. It was quite a shock not being able to sprout one no matter how hard I tried. I’m sure if you we’re a fly on the wall it would have been hilarious seeing me trying to talk little Johnson to attention just like Happy Gilmore trying to talk the ball into the hole.

I think I’ll give myself a week and see how I feel. If I do decide to clamp again, I’m going to take your advise and definitely not go back to back.

Mr. Dongers
I think your on the money. In my PE frenzy, I whipped up on poor Johnson and wasn’t paying attention. I do believe advanced PE techniques can be used safely and effectively. In my case it was too much too fast.

Dude my dick didn’t even want to know my name a few weeks back when I had the flu. This years flu is an MF’r. Now the wife has had it for 2 weeks and she doesn’t want to know my name (or my dicks) either. Seriously, there were was period there where I wasn’t sure I even had a dick, hell I could barely even get my ass out of bed. I don’t know about your being over zealous. Your routine doesn’t seem to be that strenuous, and certainly not anywhere near to what I’ve been putting my pecker through lately. I’ll bet you were just run down - that flu is definitely a weird one - and the strain to your unit was just too much for it in your diminished state. Like everyone said, give it a rest, get over the flu, and proceed with caution. BTW- your story is a great example why I Don’t tell the wife about certain things, unless I had managed to break it for good. Now… you’ve perked my curiosity about the “sexless marriage” thing. Aren’t all marriages sexless at times or at least seem that way? Share it if you want …

Oh man, so sorry to hear, I hope you make a full recovery and achieve your goals.

8/26/08: FL: 3" FG: 3" BPEL: 5" EG: 4" 12/9/09: FL: ?? FG: ? BPEL: 6" EG: right under 4.25"

3/30/09: F:: ?? FG: ? BPEL: 6" EG: 4.25"

Goal: BPEL: 7" EG: 5.5"

Thanks for the support guys.

Tork, your right about this years flu it’s literally a ball buster that seems to have played a significant role in my temporary erectile dysfunction. Tonight my unit feels pretty good and I’ve even tested the water with a few light stretches. Perhaps I did hit the panic button a little soon, but man when my dick shriveled up in front of my eyes, I didn’t know what to think except “Shit! That it looks like a penis, only smaller”.

Using Dr Phil’s definition of a “sexless marriage” of 10 times or less a year, I’ve been in one for about seven years now. Without boring you with details, she stopped giving and then I stopped asking. We are very pleasant with each other almost like good buddy roommates. Unfortunately, putting our heads in the sand doesn’t address the underlying problems. We have been to marriage counseling and are talking more with each other about our sexual dysfunction.

It’s funny but the casual way she reacted to my confession may have opened the door for us, if only a little.

When reading this I got to here:

>I started clamping at the beginning of the fourth week.

and thought uh oh.

Why do this? You were doing well and making good gains with a simple manual routine.

Thanks for providing a good background and articulate explanation. Maybe it will help prevent others from jumping the gun.

The penis is remarkably resilient. Take a week or two off, then resume a simple stretching/jelqing routine. Get the most out of the least intensity you can before bumping it up. Save the extreme stuff for later, if at all.

Johnson, I truly understand your obsessive nature about this whole PE stuff. I couldn’t wait to ramp-up my routine and have little MRD “Rumble in the jungle”, either. So I also overdid it for my first 4 weeks feeling soar all day, no morning wood, etc. Even was “little MRD” not even interested in sex, so I had to pass on close to all windows of opportunity with my girl.

So I cut down on the routine, and currently I’m only doing a newbie routine with slight variations.

And, hey, I’ve gained 2/5” in BPEL in my 6 weeks PE carrier. And my erection is steel and no passing on sex anymore :-)

Perhaps this can cheer you up a little. Wish you and little johnson all the best.

Sorry to hear about your injury, but I’m glad to hear that it has gotten better. Isn’t it a bad idea though to start clamping only in your fourth week of PE? I really think starting clamping so early played a big role in your injury. I could be wrong though. I’m just glad you’re tool is alright now.

If you have a vibrator with heat accessory use it to stimulate the traumatized area (if you don’t have one, get one—-it’s a good investment). Massage during your morning shower will be good therapy. As you progress with your program your parts will condition themselves to take a high level of stress without injury. What you we’re doing would have probably required at least 6 mos. Of consistent workouts in order to escape injury, so you are best served by putting the clamps away for at least 2-3 months and allow full healing to take place.

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