How to most effectively stretch ligs


So I’m relatively new to PE (started a few months) and have been reading a lot and experimenting and conditioning my penis with different stretches and exercises. In my research I discovered lig stretches such as the Admiral’s and one popular on MOS “The Mother of all Lig stretches”. Even in my own thinking it makes sense that stretching the ligs would increase length by allowing the penis to hang lower so I’m anxious to get this right. I’ve experimented with pulling firmly with a low grip as indicated with the Admiral’s and also with the BTC approach with “hooking” your ligs to stretch. The latter exercise I mentioned seems to work decently, however my trouble is that I just can’t pinpoint exactly how people manage the low grip.

Now there are a couple of things I’ve tried in order to maintain a grip low on the shaft of my penis. Either I’m gripping really hard into the tunica that’s embedded in the fat around the base of my penis and pulling or I grip more gently with the low grip and pull. If I grip hard, I feel like my tunica is a lot smaller on the inside of my fat, which makes me a bit hesitant to grip so hard on, also, if I grip hard into the tunica and pull down it no longer feels like a lig stretch but rather just a tunica stretch. Furthermore, a low grip like that is impossible to keep without slipping (even with baby powder or anything). Now if I grip more lightly I feel more comfortable to pull harder but then the issue is that I feel like I’m just pulling skin.

This brings me to my next point: How can you tell when you’re stretching the ligs instead of the skin around the base of your penis? In trying to pinpoint the location of the ligs, I noticed that if you take two fingers from the same hand (index and middle), make the peace sign, then hook both your fingers and sort of hook into the fat around the base of your penis two cords arise from the base of my penis. Are these the ligs?? If so, I think I’ve come up with more effective ways to stretch them that doesn’t require gripping the penis in an uncomfortable manner:

(apologies if these have already been thought of and discussed I don’t know if I’m even on to anything here I haven’t read about every stretch in existence. That would be a lot of reading haha. I’m not trying to take credit from anyone but I certainly feel a stretch when doing the following that I just discovered for myself recently)

I call it the double V stretch because it’s sort of like the V stretch except exaggerated:

1. Use reverse ok-grip with left hand on your penis
2. Give your penis a bit of slack
3. Use your right hand to create an L shape with your thumb and index finger
4. Press the space between your thumb and index finger of your right hand ( the L shape) against your penis (your palm should rub against your body) **press it against the lowest part of your shaft nearest to the base and press HARD** If you’re like me you’ll feel the stretch on the inside of the fat on your body around the base of your penis.

I understand I’m a newb the purpose of this post is to confirm if I’m actually stretching the ligs in these exercises or if I’m just stretching skin. It’s very hard for me to tell.

The underhog stretch? Hahah:
The second stretch I’ve been playing around with is in regards to the hooking into the fat that I discussed earlier. I basically just stretch my penis straight down with the reverse ok-grip with my left while my right hand hooks into the fat on either side at the base of my penis (presumably stretching the ligs?)

Anyways, if stretching the ligs is something that’s as transformational as I’ve read then it’s certainly something I’m interested in doing correctly. I’m eager to hear from other what works for them and if they’ve had success with stretching the ligs. How do experienced PE-ers maintain a low grip without it slipping? Is it important to do stretches on tunica with a low grip in addition to lig stretches in order to reveal more of the penis out of the fat? Or can we get the gains the Admiral did just by stretching the ligs? So many questions, hopefully we can get to some answers :)

Thanks for any responses! Glad to join this community :)