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I'm new,really need some help taking herbs

I'm new,really need some help taking herbs

Half of a year ago,I attempted jelqing,and failed.I did it for a month,keeping a journal,disciplined my mind well,and did a month with no masturbation.Then one day I couldn’t take it anymore,then gave up,I was ashamed of myself because I don’t give up that easily,plus I was going through emotional stress at the time.I use to be overweight went from 220 to 160,since then I’ve been running and weight lifting,oh it feels great.When I was overweight well my size was 5.5 now it reaches 6 when I’m really erect.

For a couple of months now,I’ve been taking ginkgo balboa,v. Complex,hawthorn berry,and ginseng,and have Saw palmetto(not ready to take it yet).I’m trying to experiment through herbs such what is in penis pills,and gain size that way,mainly because I don’t have time much.I’ve notice the effects by ginkgo b.,hawthron b.,and ginseng not only it’s given me more like sexual,and physical energy,but my mind is more cleared,and less stress full.

The size I’m aiming at is decent 7.5-8”,but comparing my size to that,is such a dramatic jump,and I want to do it in a couple of months.When I was first doing jelqing,I was only in the beginner stage.Maybe I was better of failing for my first try,probably make me do better this time.Now whats your best advice? For a beginner how many exercises should I do? 2-4? One question,like you know wrapping a hot towel around the penis to get the blood flowing,is that almost same thing when your doing it in a shower? Because if so I can do all my exercises during a shower,and save myself time.

To answer your questions:

1. really need some help taking herbs: You know that horse has a large penis, and goat has big ball, they all eat grass, so maybe that’s the “missing link” of PE, you may try.

2. Now whats your best advice? For a beginner how many exercises should I do? 2-4?: Newbie Routine

3. doing it in a shower? Yes. There are many ways to warm your penis, such as hot shower, IR lamp, rice sock.

Finally, you don’t have to stop masturbating or having sex, but you have to be consistent and perseverance will give you what you want.

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