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JAI streches!

JAI streches!

Hello and greetings from Sweden!

I have been doing PE for only a month (mostly wet jelq) now, perhaps some small erect gains but not really sure. My main problem is my small flaccid size. I am not kidding, but I am pretty sure I am one of the smallest flaccid hangers in the world. I dont even want to mention the length because its so insane pathetic small. The strange part is when I am erect I become pretty normal with bone pressed 6.25 inch.

Anyway, I am uncut and are experiencing some huge troubles doing manual streches. I have read through every single thread in this forum about streching and tried everthing from powder to paper towels and plastic glowes. Nothing seems to help me hold the overhand OK grip for more than max 10 sec. Even tried other grips, but with no luck. My foreskin fucks everything up causing to much stress on my penis head and since I am to worried about injuries I have decided to stop trying do these strechings that last for more than 10sec. Then yesterday I read about JAI streching and that gave me hope again. Since I only have to hold it for 2 sec each time I have no problems doing this strech wihout causing to much stress on the head. I had my first JAI exercise yesterday and it went pretty painless:) I do have some question regarding this streching method though. Doesnt seem that to many of you are doing your streches this way, so I guess I would feel more comfortable if I knew anyone else have been doing JAI for a longer period and have gotten good gains? Please share your experiences JAI gainers!
Another thing about JAI streches. I have read the manual description and even watched the video, though I still wonder if I should strech in all directions or just downwards like in the video? I know that manual streches should be done in all directions, is this also the case for JAI streching?

I just really hope that doing streches will make me gain flaccid size (and erect gains if possible).

Thanks in advance!



Welcome to the forum. Sweden? Your location says Norway.

Check out Size’s database (link at the bottom of the page). Many people are growers, I doubt your flaccid is markedly different from the average (2.5-3” is not unusual).

Have you tried pulling back your foreskin for stretches? Some people manage to stretch with the foreskin covering the glans but you may find it easier to pull it back.

If you are looking for posted experience of JAIs check out some of BusterHymes posts.

Yes I am living in Norway, but in Stockholm (sweden) on work for the time beeing.

Thx for the quick response. Yes I always retrack the foreskin before I pull, but that doesnt help much as the foreskin automatically forces its way back and fucks up my grip making it put way to much stress on the head if I try to hold for more than 10 sec.

I dont seem to be able to access that link about JAI streches.

I still wonder if I should JAI strech in all directions or just stick with downwords like shown in the video.

If you haven’t tried this already, try retracting the foreskin and then wrapping with cloth before stretching, that should hold the forreskin back.

Sorry the link should work now, click on find all posts by Busterhymes on that page or simply search for JAI.

Downwards is good. The JAI is designed for lig gains.

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