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My fix for Fowfer troubles.

My fix for Fowfer troubles.

So I started doing Fowfers a day or so ago. I feel like it’s working well. I’ve had a few issues though. Here they are:

1. My dick rolls inside of it’s self when I sit on it so I’m doing more skin stretching than lig stretching.

2. It’s hard to sit on it when it’s completely stretched out because at a certain point I have to let go of it or I’ll just sit on my hand.

3. Making adjustments during Fowfer session can be a bit time consuming because of the two issues above.

Here’s my solution to these issues.

A) I ripped off a long piece of tape.

B) I took the two ends of the tape and stick it to the top and bottom of my head.

C) I pressed the excess tape together to make a “handle”.

Now when I go to pull my dick under my ass I just pull the handle between my cheeks and sit on it. This has helped insure that it is completely stretch before I sit on it and makes it so it doesn’t roll up inside it’s self. This also makes adjustments really quick and easy.

Let me know how it goes if you guys try it.

Hope this helps you guys too.

I feel you on number one. That seems like a fine solution to your problem though, as long as you don’t mind putting tape on your dick. For number two, I never really have problems as I easily slip my hand out from underneath after I sit down, right before I put all my weight on it.

Necessity is the Mother of invention: :cool:

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Originally Posted by Karl Marx
That seems like a fine solution to your problem though, as long as you don’t mind putting tape on your dick

Awesome quote if taken out of context.

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