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My warmup-during-jelqing method a new warmup method

My warmup-during-jelqing method a new warmup method

Hi everyone.. I have a "warmup" method not posted anywhere (I think).

My sister used in the past a heater machine that produces vapor that was supposed to be applied on the face to open pores. It is called "facial sauna". This vapor is obviously hot. So what I do is apply this vapor to my penis while I am jelqing.

This has several advantages:
· Keeps the penis hot during jelqing.
· The vapor combined with the baby-oil makes the penis more slippery, facilitating the jelqing
· Makes a great excuse to lock yourself in a room. Example: (Mom/honey/sister/anyone) I am going to use a vapor treatment on my face to (eliminate pimples/have better skin/purify my lungs/etc), but it’s very (embarrassing/ridiculous/funny/girlish) so I’ll do it (alone/in private/etc)..
· Makes a little noise so that no one can hear you jelq (I just made this one up so that it would be four advantage points)

But it has some disadvantages:
· You need to refill with water every ten minutes (my model)
· You may get a little burned because sometimes it gets a little to hot (It has happened to me a couple of times, but nothing serious, just an AUCH! (Little pain complain) end then continue)
· You need to be standing and placing the penis about 15 cm (6 inches) over the machine.

I found some models on Internet, here are the links:

http://www.amaz … 3717632-5201514

Or just search on EBAY for "facial sauna"
I remove the plastic cone that comes with the apparatus that is intended to place the face on it.

Well, I started to jelq almost two months ago and I haven’t measured yet, but I have never got a red spot and I feel my penis warm/hot during the jelq.

Another thing, besides the "penis sauna", I warmup using a heating patch for at least 10 minutes before I stretch, then warm up for at least 10 minutes before I jelq and after I jelq I warmup for another 20 minutes.

That’s all, I hope I Gain Results.

One more thing.. I attached a VERY lousy drawing to explain the "penis sauna" method (sounds like a good name, don’t it)

(18.3 KB, 82 views)

Looks like a nice idea. Don’t let your sister catch you!

Gut Scramblin' goodness.

Sounds great, I was a little sceptical until I read it gets hot enough to hurt.

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