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Not gaining any girth

Not gaining any girth

I started PE because I want to gain girth rather than length. I have basically just been jelqing for the past couple of months and I seem to have gained about half an inch in length but absolutely nothing in girth. Is jelqing alone enough to increase girth? Will gains come eventually or does the fact that I’ve gained nothing at all in girth mean that I need to change my routine? I’ve read about clamping but it sounds kind of terrifying.

Clamping is an option but not yet. I would start adding some squeezes or just increase the intensity or duration of your jelqs.

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Maybe your not squeezing hard just do it hard with 70 80% erected do it as hard as it won’t cause any discomfort to you

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Squeezing hard is not the best route. I’d try doing slower strokes; consider switching to dry jelqs if they are comfortable to you. Wear a loose cockring for a couple of hours after PE. Anyway, before or after your length gains will top and you’ll start to gain length - at least this is what should make sense.

The limit in which one reaches a plateu is when the tunica is rigid and won’t permit any more expansion, that is when more advanced exercises to make it more moldable should be performed.

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