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Question About ADS for Newbies

Question About ADS for Newbies

Hello all I’m new and I’m gearing up to begin my P.E routine. I will start with one of the newbie routines but first I’m creating a conditioning routine before I start the newbie routine. Some of the newbie routines seem intense to just jump right into. My question is at what point should you add ADS to your routine. A lot of people suggest waiting some time after the newbie routine to try new techniques, like three months till first attempts at hanging six months for clamping(I agree). Can I add light ADS to my conditioning routine that way I can heal up after a workout in a engorged state?

I don’t see a problem with using a ads for an hour a day, I don’t think it would hurt. Just go on low tension.

Could I suggest jelq, stretch then use your extender so you don’t turtle from jelqing.

I’d be inclined to say that you should stay with the newbie routine solely.

- Firstly; while it’s exciting to add elements to a workout in the hope to speed up growth, recovery and such it often means you need to decondition earlier. Every penis is unique, one of the elements in this how much stress is required before the tissue stops responding to force. You may lengthen your PE journey, or may keep yourself from gaining.
- Secondly, the newbie routine isn’t there to condition you, not in the first place anyway. It’s there to improve penile health and with a little luck its size. How you’re going to respond to any form of PE is something you only find out by starting at the bottom of the ladder. For some of us that ladder is longer than others; you can, in other words, gain a good amount with newbie routine alone.

That said - And ADS isn’t terribly intensive, nor is turtling per se bad.

I am pretty doubious an ADS propelry said would do anything. You need some force to have growth, say at least 1 lbs to begin with.

Marinera : Yeah I wouldn’t do more then one pound the idea of killing my penis tissue really discourages me from trying more.

Dinosaur: “jelq, stretch then use your extender” in that order ? I thought that stretching would go before jelq but that does make more sense because the jelq is what deforms the tissue.

DomXZ: Your completely right. I don’t want to injure myself or make my peing time any longer. The only reason I was thinking ADS was because I have to run around all day at college which is a pain. I was just thinking I could scramble to get a hour of stealth PE in at home or I could work on it all day.

Oh yes sorry I was just saying, I’d stretch then jelq then ads. (If you choose to use it)

I was thinking of starting out with this.

Weeks: 1-4

Warm Up Combination of rice sock and wash cloth 10 Minutes

Circle Stretch 5 Kegels Per

Helicopter Shakes 5 Kegels Per

Kegel 10 reps

R-Kegel 12 reps

Kegel Root Lock

Wet Jelq-10 V Jeql-10

Warm Down 10 minutes

Supplements None Yet.

Then maybe adding ADS in.

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