Routine Trying to be consistent Bathmate Extender

Hello everyone!
I know PE for a LONG time (10 years), but never done it with consistence or had a routine, just done it once in a while, anything that I had in mind (so never got any gains (but never measured)).
Now that I live alone (and have about 4 hours free/day), I want to do it the best way possible.

My actual size:
— Lenght: 6,4 inches (BPEL)
— Girth: 5,3 inches

My goal size:
— Lenght: 7,5 inches (BPEL)
— Girth: 6 inches

I have a bathmate hercules and an extender (with silicon sleeve) (attached)
The extender I use with a baby wipe rolled in the silicon sleeve (without it, I can’t use for more than an hour, with it I can use for almost 2 hours)

My daily routine:
- Bathmate with hot water - 10 minutes
- Wet/Dry jelq - 15 minutes (about 150 reps (I have to stop some times because of the erection I get))
- Bathmate with hot water - 5 minutes (I stretch using it)
- Extender at 7 inches - the longer I can (usually I use for an hour and a half)
- Eddging - 10 minutes

What do you guys think about my routine? I should add something? (like hanging (preferably a home made one, I can’t afford one right now.)), or any ADS to use after the routine or (even better) while I sleep.
Is my goal reasonable? Or I’m wanting too much?

Thank you guys! Any advice will be welcome.