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Vac ext or hang

Vac ext or hang

I don’t plan on hanging for quite some time still.. But I was looking at monkeybars vac ext and vac hang.. I am unsure which would be better for me.. Right now I am looking for an ADS.. As far as I’ve seen the vac hang can pretty much do everything the vac ext can and in addition it can hang more weight.. Is the extender that comes with the vac ext actually makes it better than the vac hang?? I just can’t seem to see the reasons for the vac ext to be so much more than the vac hang..

Could someone clear this up for me.. And steer me to the right one for the future?? Thanks.

The vac extender is an extender, the hanger isn’t.

The cup of vac hanger maybe too big for ADS, and I think MB makes both versions for different purposes, vac hanger can hold more weight, and vac ext is more stealth for ADS.

Which one is recommend?

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