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warmup method: the Aladdin's bottle

That’s a relief.

Good link Mr. Kent. :thumbs:

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I’m new to pe but instead of doing a warmup wrap I take a hot shower for about 10 min and exercise in there. Is this ok or should I use a wrap?

Looks like it has some potential.


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Haha I just tried it, and I got the biggest water bottle I could fine, and I still ended up boiling the hell out of the tip of my dick like 3 times. At first it was fine, but it was hard to find a good way to position it. I dunno my flaccid is around 7 bp so it was kind of hard, oh well, My hottub is getting installed soon, and that will be all the warm up i’ll need!

Originally Posted by BigBamboo

2) TALLER THAN PENIS => the penis can’t touch the water !! So find a bootle tall enough to put in about 1 inch of hot water and your flaccid penis without touching the water !!

And what is the deal if the dick touches the water?

I think it is easier to use mildly warm water instead of BOILING.. We just want to war up the cock.. Not cooking it!

The bottle Aladdin is good Th’s for the nice explanation I’m trying it and ts sound good to me thank you

Hi Big-Bamboo,

Your idea is great and as you say it might work quicker than the hot wrap.


I am putting whatever I have in hot bottled water including my testis. I am waiting about 2 min and I am making some massage in hot water and I am continue to put all in hot water.Am I doing wrong for warm up?

Cheaper method

Take a 16 oz styrofoam cup and put it into a 20 oz cup upside down fill bottom inch with hot water, insert penis, genius of this is you can adjust the size of the opening at the top without any damage to yourself.

Make sure to hold the bottom cup.

Great idea. Thanks Bamboo

Oh yes really I agree with this statement that warmup method; likes the Aladdin’s magic. Really I got so much enjoy from it. Awesome experience.

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hey guy’s take a try with the Gatorade G2 plastic bottle! The opening are wide enough for a 6.5” Girth and are 9” deep

Fill it with warm water, not hot! Put enough water that your cock are taking a bath in the bottle! If you put to much water in the bottle you should do it in the bath or the shower ;)

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Used a metal water bottle with a wide mouth. Burnt my tip. Don’t use metall bottles.

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AladinS Bottle

Hey Y’all ,I really like the idea of a bottle, I’m a New Member of 3 days now, and I found that a 32 ounce Gatorade bottle works 4 me ..


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Sounds legit

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