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warmup method: the Aladdin's bottle


warmup method: the Aladdin's bottle

Hi everybody !
here’s an idea i had few days ago. I was thinking about a better solution for warmups. I saw some posts on the forum talking about better results coming from better warmup and felt very impressed of it. So i needed a simple, easy, working solution !
I called it the “Aladdin’s bootle” :)

U only need a plastic bootle. I used a bootle for milk or drinks (but u can use every kind of plastic-bootle) they’re good because they usually have a neck large enough to insert your penis. If not, u can cut a part of the neck to increase the size. The bootle MUST BE plastic because U have to seal it against the pubic area so glass/metal….are really dangerous solutions. Also plastic can be sharp so be carefull ! if it is u must work on the sharp edge: put some paper or a towel…or u can fuse the edge (try…there are many solutions…).
Then I put very hot water inside (only few inches) and insert my baby in the bootle carefully !!! not in the hot water !! (this is not a recipe…) the neck of the bootle sealed against pubic area.
The vapour inside the bootle greatly warms up and it feels like a finnish sauna !! in few minutes the penis is ready for PE.

In my first idea this was only a warmup method, but today i was also thinking that (as well known) sauna as a relaxation effect on muscles and tissues (that’s the reason why usually athletes use it…) so after 10-15 minutes it could relax the tissues and increase more the PE routine! the last is only an idea maybe i’m dreaming…
So try it and let me know what u think about.
Best regards.



Hey man,

Sure sounds like a good idea to me, much better than soaking a washcloth or towel. I’ll give it a go!

Hi BigBamboo,

Cool name you got there, it makes me smile!

For now I enjoy the privacy of my bathroom so I almost make it a sauna itself… :) but i will give it a try too after the holidays instead of soaking a towel like PullinIt.
Actually it is not a towel but the thing that is in every kitchen to clean the sink you know… (don’t know the name) it keeps the water warm for longer than a towel does.

Just be careful guys with this hot water… ouch!

Take care,

Hey guys !

I have a similar technique like you :

but i use my vacuumpump instead of a bottle , because I think it could be helpful . if the cells are stretched a bit before the worjout . And you re right , the penis becomes more easily warmer and STAYS longer warm than with the wrap !

All the best wantmore

Interesting technique…..maybe I’ll give it a shot. Right now I just use the good ol’ shower.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

hey wantmoore...

what about the vacuum pump…it really works for pe ? somebody says it’s dangerous…


Dear BigBamboo !

I use the pump at the moment just for warming up . It used to be more part of my workout , but since my gains are not that big , I can “ t say , wether they come from the pump or not.But I always had a good feeling with it and never any problems . I think , if you are used to it , use it savely and know , what you do , it won“t cause any damage.

All the best wantmore

What kind of bottle are you using? I tried this method but couldn’t fit it into a milk jug or anything like that…I used an old mayonaisse jar but that was too large :)

don't worry...

all around the world are used different kinds of plastic bottles for every tipe of drinks…there are only few required elements:
1) PLASTIC BOOTLE => glass or metal are dangerous !
2) TALLER THAN PENIS => the penis can’t touch the water !!! so find a bootle tall enough to put in about 1 inch of hot water and your flaccid penis without touching the water !!!
3) THE NECK => better if the neck is large like your penis so the vapour stay inside, to seal the neck u can use a hand or a tovel, if the neck is too small u can cut the plastic bootle to fit your dimension…. :) that’s all…

I hope the idea is clear, here is a jpg with the bootle…


p.s. i’m using the bootle with good results. I do a warmup of:
5 min bootle
10 stretches
5 min bootle
10 stretches
then…….the normal routine: jelqs and uli#3….

(5.3 KB, 1804 views)

Looks like a good idea. I’ll give it a try.

What about a cycling water bottle?

I’m trying this out!

Top Idea.

Yea that sounds good I could probably make one!

Nice one, and sorry to hijack this post but: btw I like your avatar, I really like Alex greys work. It would be awesome to actually see the chapel of sacred mirrors in real life :D

Whoa… great idea! Going to try it on my next workout.

Wow I too must try that one thanks for that

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