Year Long Decon Break, Hard Flaccid Or Tough Tunica?

I’ve just hit a year of doing absolutely no PE. I originally began this break because I thought I might’ve toughened up my Tunica too much, after foolishly starting out with a bath mate and ADS, along with a dedicated manual stretching routine. I’ve been wanting to get started again, but this time just doing the linear newbie routine and gradually building from there. The reason I put it off so long is because my dick still feels tough when it’s flaccid. I stopped masturbating pretty much completely, but I still have sex with my girlfriend. Sometimes it gets pretty rough, and my dick seems harder than normal when flaccid afterwards. My question is whether or not this is the “hard flaccid” problem, or if I’ve actually toughened up my Tunica that much, and what the difference is between these two issues.

I’ve also been experimenting with the Iodine and DMSO treatment, twice a day for almost 3 weeks now to see if it helps. So far I still have the same issue though. I’m dying to get started again so I can actually do it right this time!