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How long to get your gains? ( and how hard was it? )

How long to get your gains? ( and how hard was it? )

I started out doing this stuff ( by stuff I mean every exercise available on here ) just before I joined the site around 5 years ago. I didn’t get many gains initially but after 6 months or so I started to notice that my cock was getting some length back that I had somehow lost over the years. In the years prior to joining I had a measurement of 7.7 inches BPL and when I measured it just before joining in 2011 I was 7.3 BPL. That’s one of the reasons I joined. I thought what happened here?! I lost length somehow. It’s like I hit my late 30’s and my dick started shrinking?
Anyway, what I did initially was manual stretches and all the noob work. I was very, very careful not to cause damage and worked into it very slowly. I needed to understand what a warning sign of damage might look or feel like. I never pushed it very hard. So I continued to do manual stretches and wet jelqing in the shower 2x a week. Then after 3 months I increased it to 3x a week. That was it. There I stayed for almost a year. I first noticed that I got my length back and my erections were getting harder as well. Harder morning erections were more common. That was great. However I had no noticeable gains for girth. Girth was what I was after too because I always had pretty good length.

I realized that my limitations early on were from a few factors. One was from being very careful which isn’t a bad thing. You have to get your body used to this sort of thing slowly. The other thing I found was that I had a lot of difficulty getting a hard-on in the shower when I just didn’t feel like it. Sometimes I felt rushed and didn’t have the time. I spent many times jelqing with a soft cock trying to get it harder with no interest. There was always interest when sex was happening but that was the only time. My sex drive wasn’t zero or even that low but it wasn’t high enough to get through these exercises properly and benefit from them very much. So what I got was a lot of pulling and stretching but clamping and the like weren’t working very well. I wasn’t staying hard enough for long enough.

I decided to keep with it and thought about pharmaceutical intervention ( viagra, cialis etc ) . I became a little obsessed with my health and why my sex drive had lowered. It wasn’t enough to do what I needed. Just age maybe? I could watch porn for inspiration or something but that’s not as easy to do at the times you want to around here. A lot of porn is crap as well. It takes a particular type of woman for me. Most women in porn are pretty awful. So is the lame sex most of the time too. It wasn’t always a viable option. Even then as soon as I started to try some PE I’d lose interest within a given time and never get to push myself much.

After almost three years and realizing I wasn’t getting much out of PE because I wasn’t able to put enough into it, I decided I was going to give up ( even though all this jelqing and stretching did gain me about an inch in length theoretically ) or else get really serious and try to cause some ‘damage’. So I decided to cause a little damage. I got determined. I did everything I could to stay hard and coaxed it and went to every ‘length’ to find some time where I could do it right. So I began manually clamping and holding it for 5-6 minutes. After several weeks of this is when I started to see my erections get more massive looking. I decided I was going to do this every 2-3 days for 6 weeks and then stop for two weeks. Problem is I was impatient after a week and started again. I noticed not only were morning erections harder and more frequent but that erections in general were more frequent and easier. Then strangely it also became easier to maintain erections as well. It’s like I sent my body a message that by doing what I was doing I needed it to respond by constantly keeping the blood flow available and all the hormones and neurotransmitter support in order to do it. So my body responded. The body is a funny machine. You can will it to do some things you want mentally but other times you have to speak to it by making it do things physically first. Then it starts to listen. It starts to prioritize things differently. I did a bit of both. I psyched myself up mentally and when I had the chance to make my body respond I took it. It made it easier to psych myself up in a physical way. It was a cyclical exchange.

When I first started I kept thinking, ‘don’t break your dick’. So I didn’t . I didn’t push it very much at all. I think that attitude of being careful kept me from pushing to the next level. I’m glad I didn’t break my dick and in a way I’m happy I took longer because I didn’t damage it which I could have. I also know how to handle the exercises better than than I did and I know how much I can push it now as well. A little while ago I noticed those pin prick red dots all over that I’d read about so many times and never seen. I was happy to see that and thought o.k I’m breaking things just a bit. So back off for a little while. I did and then continued. Now I’m starting to see some girth gains that make me think I must have someone else’s cock grafted on because this clearly isn’t mine. It’s getting as thick as a zucchini.
I had the nerve to measure it the other day which I don’t like to do often because in the past, every time I measured the girth, nothing had changed. It was just discouraging. In the first year I gained almost 1/8 of an inch in girth which was alright but nothing after that initial growth.
I just gained another 1/8 in girth. Wow. Finally, but I know why it took so long.

I don’t want to tell the newbies to go ahead and cause damage because I don’t think that’s smart. I think after a year or after you’ve done it a hundred times you can start to push it just a little bit harder to see something happen. I was always concerned about the damaging aspect of what I was doing but in the end that’s how you actually get the gains you seek. My problem was I never felt I had worked out at all. My cock can take a lot of abuse as well so I had to take it one step further. It’s a tricky step to take. You could blow a gasket and be really sorry you did it. Everybody is different and will respond differently. In my case I didn’t know what it would take until I decided to find out. I’m still not going to push too hard but I know that I can push it a bit more than I did.

For me manual exercises work best or at least are easiest and most convenient. Jelqing, Stretching, manual clamping are all I do. It’s taken almost 4 years but I have gained an inch in length and 3/16 in girth.
So I’m going to keep on and keep breaking my cock. Just a bit.

Tell me how long and difficult it was for you to see any gains and how you did it, even if you didn’t see any and just want to complain. I’ll understand.

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That’s a long post to read so I didn’t. I’m old and tired.

Gains come at varying rates. I tend to think with a sensible routine, heat and time, a year will yield considerable gains. Pumping with heat gave me an inch in a year.

That said, I’m experiencing diminished returns.

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Wow! that took me a whole semester to read, I am with Titleist, I too am old and tired. Dedication and consistency are one of the goals need to this. So, how dedicated and consistent are you? Everybody is different, some here are fast gainers and some are slow gainers. Although I haven’t PE’d in years and never lost gains, but I still find my self Doing the Piss Pull every time I urinate. My wife also pulls on my penis while we are sleeping, and that is only buy habit. If you stop PEing for a short period of time, a little maintenance doesn’t hurt. I took me a year to gain just a little over an inch, and I also gain significant girth gains as well.

The majority of my gains were in the first year.

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Originally Posted by Titleist
That’s a long post to read so I didn’t. I’m old and tired.

Gains come at varying rates. I tend to think with a sensible routine, heat and time, a year will yield considerable gains. Pumping with heat gave me an inch in a year.

That said, I’m experiencing diminished returns.

Lol, I looked at your signature and was like motherf—ker just be happy then lol’d. Jokingly of course. Glad I have a pump you used ha.

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Yeah sorry it was an extra long post. It’s not necessary to read it all unless you’re interested. I’ve been lurking on here for years commenting on various threads but never had much to say about my own gains which is the reason I’m on here! it’s the whole history at once but it might benefit somebody.

Tnt, your wife pulls your cock in her sleep? Wha….?

How did I end getting answers from the biggest dicks on this site?

Start: June, 2011 BPEL: 7.4" EG: 4.8"

Current: March 2015 BPEL: 8.1" EG: 5.1"

Goal: BPEL: 8.5" EG: 5.7"

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Yeah a big dick comes with a price to pay which is beeing old and tired.

I think the tl;dr (too long ; didnt read) is part of internet history and many who write something long add “tl;dr” bullet points to it.
Anyway, you did a good job with formating which helps ;)

Use it or loose it. The loss of errection frequency leads to losses in size.
Also chemical/hormonal balances shift to not having errections all the time. Connective tissue gets less elastic etc.

With a conistent low key PE routine one is probably able to keep what you have for much longer.

What you describe overall is the key to PE. Finding the right intensity/time to gain.
Too much too fast could mean your gaining possiblities are maybe earlier on out of reach needing too much intensity.
Too less intensity/time might just do nothing and at best provide good penis health.

So what I learned was that consistent PE that provokes a reaction from my dick without making it unusuable/pain will lead to gains.
Sparky with his thread about PI ‘s - Phyisical Indicators brought that to the practical point.
You saying breaking your dick just for a bit is also fitting in a way.

I injured myself when beeing to eager.
I gained everywhere a little bit from just trying stuff out for fun.
I gained very good when sticking to and tweaking one routine. But one has also to search for signs that a particular exercise might not help gaining anymore.

About your errection problem for exercises:
A pump can help get you there. A constriction ring. Kegeling past your hand while Squezzing the base.

I have to say I came here for the PE and I stayed for the humor.

Start: June, 2011 BPEL: 7.4" EG: 4.8"

Current: March 2015 BPEL: 8.1" EG: 5.1"

Goal: BPEL: 8.5" EG: 5.7"

My gains seem to come in spurts. The first 6 months of PE seemed to be the best. It stalled out after that for almost a year. Now I’m on another stint of gaining quickly. My gains seem to come when I switch part of my routine up after a break.

G263 that seems to be a common observation I’ve noticed. I’ve also noticed that some guys will notice quick and very big gains from PE’ng for 1-2 hours a day for weeks. I cannot afford the time ( people would wonder where I went after an hour ) and I don’t think I’d go to those extremes.

Maybe I’m wrong. Is an hour the minimum for most big gainers?

Start: June, 2011 BPEL: 7.4" EG: 4.8"

Current: March 2015 BPEL: 8.1" EG: 5.1"

Goal: BPEL: 8.5" EG: 5.7"

That’s a good question. I’m right there with ya. I even tell my wife before I go in the other room to clamp and pump. Makes no difference. She starts out fine with it, then 10 or 15 mins later she’s yelling where’d you go !? And it’s really hard to pe listening to the Chew blaring on TV with kids screaming and dropping shit while they play. Meanwhile, wifes texting me asking me when I think I’ll be done. By then, I’m just like “coming” and I take off the clamp or pump. Fucking sucks !! I wouldn’t trade it for anything though. Not even a giant cock. I just accept that I will always struggle to find time, privacy, and approval to pe. But that’s just a price of having my beautiful family. Doing it at night while everybody sleeps is the only way I can really get an effective workout in. That’s not always possible.

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I got my first gains when I understood for me, less is more.

I started too aggressive with dry jelqs and I didn’t have anything except disappointment.

I restarted with the linear newbie routine and I got my first results pretty fast, mainly by excellent EQ.

Now I pump ans I don’t go past 150 jelqs but I try to do it with quality.

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