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6" flaccid...


My flaccid is 5 1/4”. I have been PEing since december `09 and gained an inch in length from 5 7/8” to 6 7/8” which I`m extremely happy about.

I began clamping in march after finding a cable clamp at home depot, and discovered the joy of clamping.until I realised that I was probably adversely effecting my length gains.after which I begrudgingly stopped clamping.

Until a few days ago.

My length routine has consisted of mechanical stretching in a home-made stretcher I built out of parts from home depot, and flaccid stretches throughout the day. Great for my length without focus on girth (5 1/2” natural) and some flaccid stretches which seemed to help my flaccid hang.

When I began clamping the other day the thing I noticed immediately was that I was fuller longer during the day after sessions, and I `m more sensitive during sex with my wife.

This may be a temporary situation due to recently returning to clamping, but I remember a similar sensitivity when I was clamping before (though I did have some EQ issues initially).

So, my conclusion is that clamping helps the hang.

>>> Those who stretch a lot … It also sets you up nicely for any further exercises you wish to carry out…

I agree and stretch before jelqing even if for two or three minutes.

Never had any luck with clamps. I bought this and it fits but it’s awkward. Can anyone offer suggestions on how to make use of this clamp?


Start April, 2003: 5.75" BPEL, 5.25" Girth Current: 7.125" BPEL, 5.5"+ Girth still trying...


I also agree with the value of stretching and do it before anything else.
I also like the effect that an ADS has on my flaccid helping it to stay longer. I have a hard time saying what my flaccid is because it is never the same. It fluctuates between 5” and 6” BPFL measured at various times through out the day.

Look through some of the clamping threads. There are several really good threads going into details on the do’s and dont’s of clamping.
In short, most of us who clamp will use some form of wrap or padding between the clamp and our unit. I use a infants sock with the toe cut out and rolled up. This helps make the size of the clamp a better fit and just as important prevents me from getting pinched.

Your girth is about the same as mine right now. That clamp should fit you fine while using some type of wrap. Put the wrap and the clamp on, with the hinge @ 6 o’clock (top of shaft is 12 o’clock). Tighten the clamp down just a little to keep it in place, then do whatever you need to get hard and get your unit as full and expanded as possible. I typically will clamp down partially and then kegal up till I am fully expanded. Once fully expanded I tighten the clamp down till it prevents the kegeled blood from escaping back out. When you tighten the clamp it will expand your unit even further than what you are able to kegel it to.

If you have the thickness of the wrap and the final click of the clamp ideal, then you will be able to keep your unit super expanded for a full 10 minutes without your unit going real dark. For me that ideal is hard to hit.

There are different approaches. One is to not tighten is too tight, thus allowing your unit over the 10 minutes to lose some of the blood, allowing it to go a little softer but still in an expanded mode. This will create gains.
Another is to clamp so tight that there is no blood exchange and your unit will remain rock hard super expanded the full time. This approach will create a discolored dick by the end of 10 minutes (typically a few min. before the 10) and is the approach with the highest risk of long term penis discoloration. In my opinion the expansion feeling of this approach is what causes many of us to do it.

I believe you decrease the chance of discoloration by forcing fresh blood throughout your full unit after each clamping set.

You know you have had a good clamping session if your unit remains pretty plumped after you are done. If you over do a clamping session your unit will not stay as plump but tend to turtle up more - same type of response as other PE exercises. For me it is easy to overdo a clamping session because it feels so good while clamped.

For the last month I have even added clamped stretching which is an incredible feeling. You can wear your unit out pretty fast doing it so it is not something you want to be doing on a daily basis.

was your flacid always big? how big was it pre PE?

Pics -- Progress Thread

Start: 6" NBPEL x ~4.8 EG ---- Now: ~ 6.75" NBPEL x ~5 EG --- Want quick: 7.5" NBPEL x 5.5 EG --- Ultimate goal: 8" NBPEL x 6 EG

A big flaccid is nice. But some people don’t care if they have a small or big flaccid, erect is what matter. But I do care about my flaccid lenght, haven’t been doing PE so long so haven’t seen much gains but am less then one inch from my flaccid lenght goal.


Godzilla will have to answer for himself, but, before I started PE my flaccid was around 3” and my BPEL was ~6” so I would double in length going from flaccid to hard.
Now my flaccid ranges between 5 and 6 BPFL and my BPEL is just over 7.5” (7.65” on a good day, high EQ) so the gap between the lengths has narrowed which I like.


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