A discussion on the P phase of IPR

In my head, when learning about IPR, the macro P phase is the most difficult one to learn about. I is easy, cause damage within reason. R is also easy, don’t touch yourself. But Macro P is difficult for me to get a hold of, how much stress would you like to cause, without overreaching into inflammation territory, while still causing enough stress so you can actually differentiate between Macro P and Macro R phases….

When we lay and IPR cycle out as such, it might make more sense.

Macro Inflammation cycle, being made up of microcycles (sessions) like this
For example, a single session might be 72 hours, starting Micro I session 1 monday morning, and continuing with Micro I session 2 thursday morning.
Micro Inflammation; where you actually do PE work to cause damage
Micro Proliferation; where you do some light PE work to extend damage caused by Micro I
Micro Restitution; where you let your dick rest.
Repeat until end of the macro inflammation cycle, however long that might be for you.

Macro Proliferation cycle being made up of microcycles like this? (This is where my uncertainty lies.)
Micro Inflammation; (How much inflammation here?)
Micro Proliferation; (How much here?)
Micro Rest; (How much here?)
Repeat until end of macro proliferation cycle.

Macro Restitution cycle, being dead simple.

My main question is this; how do you think about the Macro P cycle, with regards to the Micro components?

Would this be a useful example of a macro P cycle. with a daily / thrice weekly rotation?
Micro I; Wake up, X minutes (less than five) of jelqing, bends, stretches, whatever, just to get a good plump, whatever.
Micro P; Cock ring / soft extender, etc. etc… as long as is practical (4 hours +?)
Mirco R, Rest until end of day, or even more, as needed.

Any thoughts, inputs? I’ve read most of xeno’s posts on IPR, and the man isn’t too interested in telling other what they should do. The information on thunders about I and R phase is solid in my estimation, but lacks something for me in the macro P phase. Let’s use this thread to try to fix that.

Starting; 7,2 BPEL, 5,2 MEG, 5,3 BPFL March 2015, tape measured

Current; 7,8 BPEL, 5,3 MEG, 5,7 BPFL, tape measured

Goal; 8,3 BPEL, 5,7 MEG, N/A BPFL, will be ruler measured.