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Age, Jelq duration correlation

Age, Jelq duration correlation

I was wondering if there is any correlation to age and jelq duration? Do you think it’s possible that time of jelqing is productive or counterproductive depending on your age? Could it be possible that someone older wouldn’t require as much jelqing as someone younger or vice versa?

My thought process is regarding the human skin, muscles, organs. Each changes with age and muscles require more time to recuperate the older you get. Skin becomes tougher as we age and our organs do not always function as they did when we were young. So this made me wonder that if at a certain age, would it be more beneficial to jelq more or less?

Example: Maybe a man who is 50 might have to jelq for 20 minutes to get the same work out someone who is 25 and only jelqs 10 minutes and just the opposite. Maybe someone who is 25 might have to jelq for 20 minutes to get the same effect of someone who is 50 and only jelqs for 10 minutes.

Just wondering what everyone thinks.

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Trouble is, You only get to know how these things develop when you have done them and I doubt we have any member here long enough to go from young to old.

A great deal depends on a persons physical condition, and dedication.

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Well who has been doing PE the longest???

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Regardless of whatever consensus comes back, there is no way to control for the outliers and no real way to know if you are one. IMHO.

But good luck and I hope you prove me wrong.

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