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Anybody use "deep heat" instead of a hot wrap?

Anybody use "deep heat" instead of a hot wrap?

Deep heat (maybe called something else in the US) is a menthol muscle rub which is supposed to cause increased blood flow to applied areas. Would it be useful instead of a heat wrap?

Damn, it’s bringing tears to my eyes just thinking about that. lol.

I used some on my shoulder when I’d pulled it a while back and that stuff is intense.

The smell of it would also be a give away to the wife though as I doubt it’d wash off very well.

Have you tried it yourself Trigger, and if not, go on…you know you want to ;)

Hmmm…I wonder what the wife would think if I put my dick in her with that stuff on…

Is that not just perceived heat? If so, I wouldn’t think it would have any impact of the temperature of the tissues. I don’t know much about products such as that as I have never used them. They sound like they would help flaccid hang and general health possibly, if they truly increase bloodflow. Then again, if it is anything like SlamInTheLamb describes it, I wouldn’t take the trade off. Just my .02 …

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You mean some sort of a cream (like Tigerbalm) to remove muscle soreness??

I once applied it after a jelq session and the result was it started to get really HOT down there (felt kinda good though). It got so hot, I think I wouldn’t have been able to jelq if I had applied it before the jelqing instead of after. My skin got quite irritated (jelqing an irritated, red and half swollen lid doesn’t sound very appealing).

That’s all I know of this subject.. Perhaps a less hot muscle rub brings less irritation to the skin?

Ben Gay = BAD. Especially when it hits the scrotum…. Yeeeow. I’ll never forget the day when I was 14 and discovered that one.

I did read in another thread though (possibly in the pumper’s forum?) about somebody diluting it with regular lotion and applying it successfully. Still, like SlamInTheLamb says, the odor is too much and could never be eliminated… the smell of convalescent homes. [shudder]

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Trigger, try doing a search, this is a well discussed topic.

Most balms will increase circulation in the skin, which increases the heat, but mostly it´s an irritant that causes the perceived heat.

Also I doubt it´s that nourishing for freshly jelqed skin!

Do you dislike hot wraps?

I think all this muscle pain & massage stuff is absolute crap.
In my quest for a hands free heating device I bought a microwavable heat pad (useless) and then an infrared massaging device (Homedics). The infrared thing is such a fuckin ripoff. You are much better off focussing a table lamp on ur dick, that gives off more fuckin heat!
So I have come to the conclusion that other than hot wrap/hot tumbler of water, the best hands free heating device is a hair dryer (heat can be quite strong and continuous).

What do you guys think, anything better?

A mouth.

SlamInTheLamb- yep I tried it. Note the warnings DO NOT GET ON SCROTUM!! the fires of hell cannot compare to that pain. It seemed to work a bit but it didn’t get puffy like a hot wrap makes it.

soon2b9- It is just percieved heat but the whole heat wrap is to get blood flowing and this is meant to too. I know people who apply before stretching their legs as it is meant to make the muscles react better.

It does stink though.

I dont mind hotwraps just thought this may be easier since I have to run up and down stairs to microwave a rice sock. I should really get a few socks and heat some up to very high temps so they will have cooled down in time for use.

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Just fill a bowl with water and microwave it. Depending on how much water is in there, you nuke it for about four minutes. Get a washcloth and let it soak in there. it’ll stay hot for a while. Careful not to scald your dick.

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