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START HERE -----> NEWBIE ROUTINE <----- Important Newbie Info

START HERE -----> NEWBIE ROUTINE <----- Important Newbie Info

This place sprawls. With more than two decades of information, where should you start?

Let’s deal with the obvious stuff first:
Do you think penis enlargement will sort out your life?
Is your current penis size average or not?
Do you think you have a small penis?.

If you don’t know what BPEL means check:
PE Primer

If you like visual learning:
Videos of PE exercises

If you need descriptive text:
Quickstart Guide to Manual Exercises

A great place to start reading:
Newbie Primer

Looking for your first PE routine?
The Newbie Routine

The Newbie Routine can be too much for some guys just starting out. If you find that it is “too much, too soon” for you, try cutting the recommended number of exercises in half and increase the time and repetitions gradually.

To gauge how much work you need to do is to follow this advice from cantlook:

“Start light, build up slowly till you see growth then stay at that level until growth stops, only then add more. The downside is it may take a few months to get to the sweet spot of growth, but the upside is that you will be using the least amount of force to get the gain, and lots of room to move up, and it’s much safer.”*

Or you can try this routine as an alternative.
The Linear Newbie Routine

For detailed information:
Penis Enlargement Cream
Penis Enlargement Manual.

But wait, it’s a forum, so you can ask questions. Let’s hope that it’s not one of the most often asked and annoying questions and that you know how to search.

New members cannot have an avatar (what?), can reply to any thread, in any forum, but can only start new threads in

  • Penis Enlargement Basics
  • Progress Reports
  • Progress Reports and Pictures*

Information about signing up and for new members.

* Some people want to upload a picture. Pictures are a good way of keeping track, whether you choose to share them or not. You should upload pictures of your penis in the Progress Reports and Pictures forum.

Also, this place doesn’t have a government grant or anything like that, so if you new guys find it helpful and can donate to help keep the site going and growing, please do. It will be greatly appreciated.

Penis Enlargement Forum -- How To Jelq -- Free Penis Enlargement Videos

Make a Donation This place runs on donations, help out if you can. Thanks.


thanks. It’s good to be back at this. I had stopped for too long.

Thanks, this is a good way for me to get started.


This is non PE related. How do I attach an Avatar in my profile?? When I tried to “Edit Avatar”, I wasn’t able to.


Going for 8 x 6 !!


I found the info under the “New Member Forum”


Thanks! Helpful for me.

“You can have an avatar (small picture under your username) after 20 posts. Information about other options on the forum is available in the faq, button is at the top right of any page.”

Thanks… that’s what I needed to know

wow so many different techniques. thanks :D

Thanks It was helpful for me.

Thanks It was helpful for me.

injury links

Hello Thunder,

I’m afraid I’ve got a little lost among the forum threads searching info for new members. I read some explanatory info that I can’t find again. It relates to injuries. I think you may have given a link to an explanatory posting on injuries, and referred to two other postings/links, something about “wrapping” etc. So, at the risk of asking an annoying question I’d be grateful if you would direct me on how to find that info. Much obliged for any help.


I just did a search for “Injuries Forum” and found a thread started by BoardLurker, headed Injury/Treatment Forum. Is there a separate “Injuries Forum”? I guess initially I was after set information provided for the benefit of newbies. I had thought I saw links to that and that is what I could not find again. If you were referring to a different forum/thread then pls advise. Thanks

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